Arcadia Quest – Core Heroes Complete

As I posted previously, I have been painting the heroes included with Arcadia Quest. Well, I have now finished the heroes from the Core set. I think that I will wait a while before I try and tackle the monsters and the villains, or the extra heroes that I received by backing the Kickstarter, or any of the models from the expansion… lots of models…

Well, here they are:


4 responses to “Arcadia Quest – Core Heroes Complete

  1. Really nice painting. How big are these? They give the impression of being quite chunky.

    GW have a lot to asnwer for with that ‘I can’t believe it’s not a Trollslayer’ Dwarf.

    • They are on 25mm bases and stand slightly taller than my typical High Elf model, but are much bulkier. I think the chunkiness goes with the chibi style.

      I completely agree about the Dwarf model. There was a thread in the forum about where the characters were inspired from and the GW Troll Slayer was associated with Spike and Legolas with Greensleeves. Some of the pictures were very, very close.

  2. Yes, the ninja is straight off of an anime – the particular one I don’t recall right now. But with that mask and the red eyes…

    Great job! It is a large one to complete the base characters, much less the base set – and all those Guild members — keep it up!

    One question. It might be silly, but you enjoy Word Press for a picture blog? I am using Blogger, but I’ve noticed some photos not coming up. Like in my Arcadia Quest pics here:

    Can you see all 8 images there? Let me know… I might need to shift to another blog site. Thanks for your help — really great work here!

    • Thank you. I have painted some of the Beyond the Grave models, but other than that have not made too much progress since this post.

      I don’t remember having any problems with pictures in WordPress. It has been a very long time since I have updated it, though, so I might not remember.

      I was able to view all 8 of the images for your link. I could view them both on the page and the full-sized version of the models. They look great!

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