Arcadia Quest – Painted Figures

As I mentioned previously, I had been awaiting a game that I Kickstarted a while ago. The game arrived last month, and I have played a few campaigns with my kids. It has been a lot of fun to play it.

Since it has some excellent figures in it and I have less on my painting table than previously, I decided to start painting some of the heroes. This is the first time that I have really painted board game models and Chibi-style models, but I am happy with how they have turned out. I still need to decide what to do with their bases, though.

Zazu, Scarlet and Wisp

Zazu, Scarlet and Wisp

Greensleeves, Johan and Kanga

Greensleeves, Johan and Kanga



2 responses to “Arcadia Quest – Painted Figures

  1. Wow, I’m really impressed with the paintwork you’ve done on those. Your skintones in particular are really smooth. The cast quality looks rather nice too, especially considering that they are arguably closer to board game pieces rather than ‘for painting’ miniatures.

    It’s great that you’re able to play with your kids. My young family and I have started out playing Forbidden Island, which crucially is entirely cooperative so we can all play on a level field. I find it wonderful to play an actual game with them rather than (e.g.) snakes and ladders.

  2. Thanks! Some of the smoothness might not have been due to skill on my part. Many of my paints have started to dry out. I was telling my wife the other day, that it might actually make the models turn out better since I am forced to water them down to use them, so there are more thin coats than I might have done before.

    It is really nice that they are single figures to focus on and I seem to be able to knock each of them out in an about an hour each (probably still a long time, but oh well).

    My kids are constantly asking to play board games. We can’t fit them in as often as they like, but we do what we can. I still have a 3-year old that we play the “beginner” games with, but the other two can at least play the “better” games. It is much better when they get older and can start strategizing. It helps to make it more fun.

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