Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

Well, it has been a very long time since I have posted anything. That is because I haven’t really had anything that I have been working on.

Actually, I have been thinking about Warhammer in general. Anybody who has read through much of my blog is probably aware that I don’t have many battle reports. This is mainly because I don’t get to play all that often. While I have been content to collect and paint my High Elves in the past, I have really had to take a step back and evaluate my investment in the hobby. It is hard to justify the investment that I have made into my collection for the little use that it sees.

It has been a few months that I have been considering this, but I have finally decided that it is time for me to part ways with Warhammer and my High Elves. Thank you to everybody who has followed this blog and I wish you happy gaming. This is good new for the High Elves, in general, since fewer of them will be dying and the race can continue on for a bit longer.

I will be trying to organize my army to sell it on ebay in the near future, so that I can clear out the space. Who knows, maybe in the future, I will return like a Phoenix springing back to life? However, for the time being, the ashes will settle.


8 responses to “Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

  1. Sorry to hear this man… But I know that we’ve all hit this type of wall before while playing this game. I hope you reconsider in the future and come on back when you’re good and ready. Life happens so I understand. Good luck with everything.

  2. That’s a shame. Unless you urgently need the funds or space, I’d advise that you put the army in a box in your attic and see if you ever feel like picking it up again. The second hard market for miniatures is hardly likely to make you rich, and the cost of buying an army again if you ever choose to get back into the hobby would be pretty substantial.

    Anyway, best of luck with whatever you choose. I’ll certainly be checking on any new posts you make.

    • Thank you. I will most likely be getting rid of it, as I don’t anticipate any time in the near future getting a chance again. I still have my Lord of the Rings miniatures (the ones that started it all) kicking around at my house, so I am not out of the miniatures arena altogether.

      I also picked up a rather miniature-heavy board game that I am in the process of painting right now, so I can always update with that. Most of my focus will probably shift to board games instead. Those tend to work better with my young family.

  3. Well this us eerily similar to the post I just sat down to write. I have truly enjoyed your blog, thank you for taking the time to make it. Best of luck to you in the future.

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