2500 Points – High Elves – August Tournament List (Revised)

With the tournament this Saturday, I thought that I would post my revised army list. I had posted a list previously, but after some feedback and some more thinking, I made some changes to it.



I made one change to Teclis’ magic selection. The final list is here:

  • Beasts – Wyssan’s Wildform
  • DeathPurple Sun Soulblight
  • Fire – Fireball
  • Heavens – Iceshard Blizzard
  • Life – Dwellers Below
  • Light – Banishment
  • Metal – Searing Doom
  • Shadow – Okkham’s Mindrazor

As pointed out on the previous post, I had many spells that were a high casting cost. Originally, my plan was to cast Purple Sun, and get dice back with the wounds that it caused. Of course, this led down the road of 6-dicing Purple Sun every magic phase, which doesn’t really sound like a lot of fun to me (and probably wouldn’t be fun for my opponents).

With that in mind, I opted for Soulblight. Soulblight seems to be a good spell for any situation (-1S and -1T) and it is fairly easy to cast. Since I have some ranged punch, it can enhance the damage from my shooting or magic and it is still useful once combat starts.


I removed the Mage since he was an expensive (and not guaranteed) “insurance policy”. With Teclis having 8 spells, the mage would rarely get to cast his, except in dire circumstances. I will just have to try and play better to protect Teclis.

Noble, BSB, Barded Elven Steed, Dragon Armour, Ogre Blade, Enchanted Shield, Ironcurse Icon

Mage (Shadow), Level 2


Same as previously

14 Silver Helms, Shields, Full Command

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bows, Spears

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bows, Spears

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bows, Spears


Minor tweak to the Phoenix Guard, but still pretty much the same

21 Swordmasters, Full Command, Banner of the World Dragon

21 Phoenix Guard, Full Command, Razor Standard


Two new additions at the end:

Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower

Flamespyre Phoenix

*6 Sisters of Avelorn

I have had these models almost since they came out, but have never used them. I thought about Shadow Warriors for a bit, but settled on the ladies. The S4 bows with Magical, Flaming attacks are what decided it in the end. Hopefully, they can push a wound through on any creatures with Regen to set up my Bolt Throwers for a devastating volley. If things get dire, they can be used to hold things up, since they are only about 80 points.

*Great Eagle

I thought it would be great to get an eagle back in my list. Reavers are great, but they can get expensive if you are just throwing them away. Eagles are much better in that role. The poor eagles…


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