“Man Cave”

Over the summer, we have been drastically rearranging our home. This has allowed me to finally claim a space as “my own”. While this is not the impressive rooms that many have, it is the best that I can do in a small house with a wife and 3 kids. Before, it was always frustrating, since I had to get all of my stuff out and be sure to put it all away before the little ones woke up and destroyed everything. It always seemed like this effectively wasted at least 20 minutes of time, and often discouraged me from starting at all.

Now (with the help of a bike lock to secure the doors), I can leave my stuff out mid-project. I am hoping that this translates into more painting and hobby time.


From left to right: Top: Painting materials Middle: Basing materials Bottom: Rule books and reading books, Bits box Not pictured: Lamp


2 responses to ““Man Cave”

  1. That’s awesome, man. I understand exactly what you’re saying too… I used to hate to get all my stuff out and then pack it up when it was quitting time. I like to start work, leave it there when I need a break, and go back to it whenever I want without have to unpack everything again. Definitely keeps you inspired and makes it much easier to work with. Hope this results in getting some more models churned out!

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