2500 Points – High Elves – August Tournament List (Teclis)

As I mentioned previously, another tournament is coming to town and I should be able to make it. This tournament allows special characters and I have decided to go with Teclis. He provides so many options with his magic choices that it has been hard to decide on what to take. I have spent some time trying to think up a list for the upcoming tournament and I think that I have finally settled on a list.

Rather than completely redesigning my list, I have decided to substitute him and a level 2 Mage for the Archmage and Loremaster that I previously used. In some ways, it actually seems to weaken my list, but in others it helps. Surely Teclis should be able to handle the challenge, right?



The first thing to talk about with Teclis is what spells I decided to select. I strongly considered his Loremaster of High Magic option, but have now settled on the option of one spell for each lore. Also, I had thought about bringing a Teclis focused on slinging around destructive magic, full combat support, or even focusing on movement restriction magic. In the end, I opted for a balanced selection of spells:

  • Beasts – Wyssan’s Wildform (combat support)
  • Death – Purple Sun (Horde control, more dice?)
  • Fire – Fireball (Regen, low Toughness)
  • Heavens – Iceshard Blizzard (combat support)
  • Life – Dwellers Below (Horde control)
  • Light – Banishment (Regen, demons, undead)
  • Metal – Searing Doom (Armour)
  • Shadow – Okkham’s Mindrazor (combat support)

As should be expected from the High Loremaster, he will be expected to bear the bulk of the magical responsibilities. I tried to pick a wide range of spell types (damage, buffs, debuffs) and casting values so that he always has something relevant to cast.

The biggest challenge with Teclis will be trying to protect him. He is very vulnerable, and will die extremely quickly if somebody starts targeting him.


Noble, BSB, Barded Elven Steed, Dragon Armour, Ogre Blade, Enchanted Shield

The BSB will continue to be in the Silver Helms unit to give them a little punch (and give him a decent armour save). I opted to swap the Star Lance for the Ogre Blade so that he can still do damage after he charges. He has a 1+ Armour Save with a 6+ Ward (2+ vs flaming).

Mage (Shadow), Level 2

Some might wonder why I even bothered to include this guy, since Teclis will be taking most (all?) of the magic dice. Well, I’m not going to tell, because it is part of my secret plan. Actually, I brought him for 2 reasons:

  1. It gives me another mage if Teclis fails to cast in a round (and Shadow has some decent spells)
  2. Teclis can swap positions with this guy (Shadow lore attribute) as long as he gets a spell off  (or if Teclis gets off Mindrazor). This can allow Teclis to get out of a combat or potentially put him into an advantageous position to cast a spell.

Hopefully, out of the 2 spells he rolls, one of them can be decent and I can swap the other one for Miasma. I thought about giving him a scroll to get a 2nd one in the list, but I opted to go cheap instead.


14 Silver Helms, Shields, Full Command

The Silver Helms provide a quick unit that can hit pretty decent. I thought about dropping these guys for a unit of spearmen for more bodies in the unit, but decided to stick with them for the armour, and the fact that I actually have some of them painted 🙂

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bows, Spears

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bows, Spears

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bows, Spears

The Reavers are great and are do all of the things that Fast Cavalry are loved/hated for. I never leave home without them.


21 Swordmasters, Full Command, Banner of the World Dragon

The Swordmasters are the main infantry combat power of the list. They will be run 7×3, so that all of them can attack, providing me with 28 attacks at Strength 5. The Banner of the World Dragon protects them from magic and miscasts, since one of the mages will most likely be hanging out with them. They will be more vulnerable since I don’t have an Archmage with High Magic giving them a ward save, but that rarely seemed to make a difference before.

22 Phoenix Guard, Musician, Standard, Razor Standard

The Phoenix Guard provide me with a 3rd combat block. Teclis will most likely hang out with these guys initially since they are more survivable than the Swordmasters (so much for being thematic). With their re-rolls to hit, and S4 AP, they aren’t too threatening unless they are boosted with Mindrazor or Wildform.


Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower

The bolt throwers will be used to target the high Toughness/armour save targets. If none of those are available, they will help to thin down the number of bodies approaching the line. I tend to not kill much with these, but they have great potential.

Flamespyre Phoenix

I thought about dropping the Flamespyre after its lackluster outing last time and rules debates, but in the end, I decided to keep it.

Since this guy isn’t all that great in combat, he will be used to thin down hordes with his Wake of Fire, take down war machines or provide a flank/rear charge in a pinch. We’ll see how it does. As one might guess, I like phoenixes, but I’m not 100% sold on this guy’s rules and points cost so far.


Since the core of this list is very similar to what I took before, I should have some familiarity in using it. Also, it provides me with more painted models that if I had to start from scratch.

Switching up the magic options will be a major change, but I hope that Teclis can shine through and prove his worth. Of course, if actually win a game, will it be because I played better or because I used one of those “broken” special characters? I don’t feel that Teclis is all that bad in this edition, but maybe his reputation from last edition will precede him…


4 responses to “2500 Points – High Elves – August Tournament List (Teclis)

  1. Well the magic phase will either make or break you, in my opinion. It seems like you’re putting a lot into that, which is typical of High Elves, so that’s cool. I’m a little concerned about the spells you took, though. I think 3 of them are the number 6 spell which means they can take a lot of dice to cast… which means you won’t be able to cast as many per turn. I like Purple Sun or Mind Razor, but not both. Just my thoughts… what if you have some bad rolls and get a 2 and 1, or 2 and 2… If you have a big amount of dice then it should make for a pretty devastating magic phase, but that’s the risk you take by putting a lot into the magic phase!

    • Thanks for the feedback.

      I knew that that low dice could be a problem, but wasn’t real sure how to work around it since we have lost the Banner of Sorcery in this edition (and Teclis lost his ability to generate diece, too). I was thinking that the earlier magic phases will be more focused on the ranged damage (Fireball, Banishment, Dwellers, Searing Doom, or Purple Sun). There is a decent range of casting values for that, but if I want a big one, I will have to prioritize. Then, combat turns will be more the focus of Wildform, Iceshard Blizzard, and Mindrazor) which have varying casting values.

      When using the Book of Hoeth in the previous build, I was focused more on spam casting and getting more low-cost spells through, but since Teclis doesn’t have the luxury of the re-roll, I was planning on throwing more dice at fewer spells and powering them through. It might make him easier to stop than the Book of Hoeth mage.

      Do you have any suggestions on what spells to swap?

      Maybe I need to remove the level 2 Shadow Mage since he is quite expensive for his purpose. Sure, he can cast Miasma, but how often will I have dice for him? I can just as easily put a combat character in for Teclis to swap with. I don’t think that Nobles on foot are all that great, though, so maybe I could just add another small unit or bulk out an existing one instead?

      • Might not be a bad idea to swap out for a close combat character, but that’s up to you. Then again, if you fail to cast with Teclis then your magic phase is done… Of course all we are talking about are worst case scenarios. Play it how you feel will work the best. As for spells to swap out, can’t really help you out with that, I don’t know a lot of those spells because I am only used Heavens… Good luck man!

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