High Loremaster or Everqueen?

Well, it has been a long time coming, but I think it is time for some blog posts again. Now that my son’s baseball is over and the World Cup and my softball league are coming to a close, I will have a little more free time than I have had recently. Also, with a Warhammer tournament coming up in August (that I should be able to attend), there is some motivation again.

The tournament is going to allow special characters, and since I have never used one before, I wanted to take advantage of this. I like to have lots of magic in my armies, so I naturally gravitated toward Teclis and Alarielle. Now I have to choose between the two.


Alarielle, The Everqueen

Alarielle has some cool special rules, but leads to more of a “death star” type build, since most of her abilities add to the unit that she is in (magical attacks, 5+ ward against non-magical attacks, immune to Fear and Terror). Couple those with the Banner of the World Dragon, and you have a proper “death star”. I don’t generally like to play that style of list, so it would be a bit of a change for me.


Teclis, High Loremaster

Teclis, on the other hand, allows you to pick a spell from each of the 8 lores, so is much more flexible. I am strongly leaning towards him, since he allows for a lot of options in a build. The big choice comes down to the spell selection. Do I go for Loremaster on High magic with his +6 to cast and low casting costs, which can help him get a ward save that he is so desperately lacking, do I choose all of the magical attack spells from the 8 lores, do I choose support spells instead, or do I balance damage and support spells?

Hopefully, I can settle on all of this before too long, so that I can choose a list and get to painting again soon! I will probably start with some Ellyrian Reavers since they tend to end up in all of my lists.


2 responses to “High Loremaster or Everqueen?

  1. Lmao! It sounds like you have a First World Problem here… “Should I take something very powerful…? Or something very, very powerful…?” Lol!!! Man, those are some tough decisions, though. +6 to cast? That’s almost a no-brainer but then the other things that you can choose from make it even harder… Not sure how to help you but I’m sure you’ll come up with something. Hope to see you at the next tournament and good luck with your tough decision! (BTW, I say Teclis!)

    • It is true that it is a “spoiled for choice” decision. I will probably go with Teclis. Besides, he fits in nicely with the Swordmasters that I already have painted, and I need to focus on a smaller set to paint.

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