Sword of Caledor

Sword of CaledorWell, it has been a long time since I have posted an update on my blog, but I have finally completed something to write about. I tried a couple of times to take pictures of my Loremaster of Hoeth model that I used a couple of weeks back, but they ended up blurry. I will give it another shot soon, but for now, you will have to settle for a book review.

Sword of Caledor is the 2nd book in the Tyrion & Teclis series. I had meant to read this book much sooner than now, but I prioritized buying more High Elves over buying the book. Due to my procrastination, I had to turn to ebay to pick up the hardback version, but it has arrived and I have finished it.

For those not up-to-date on the story so far, Tyrion & Teclis are just coming in to their renown, having defeated N’Kari at the end of the previous book, while he was trying to destroy all of Aenarion’s heirs. For a longer version, see my review here.

As mentioned in my review of the first book in the series, this book is expounding upon the brief story contained within the High Elf and BRB lore about the High Elves. If you read on, assume that spoilers will be present.

The book starts off with the very simple assassination of the Everqueen by Urian Poisonblade (acting as a High Elf). Even though he was the last one to be with her, he somehow escapes suspicion of poisoning her. I’m not sure exactly how that works, but he gets away with it.

The story picks up again with Tyrion & Teclis wading through the jungles of Lustria, searching for Aenarion’s sword, Sunfang, which was made by Caledor (the Sword of Caledor, maybe?) They end up finding it, but not before losing many of their human entourage to the jungle’s inhabitants and the temple’s guardians. While Teclis doesn’t know for sure, he seems to think that some of the slaan’s writings are of import, and he scribbles these down to take to the more experienced people in the Tower of Hoeth.

While the twins are retrieving the priceless heirloom, Malekith decides that he wants a Keeper of Secrets for his pet, so he summons N’Kari, who he promptly binds to be his slave. In the meantime, Morathi secures the services of lots of Warriors of Chaos. It would seem that they have decided to launch their attack on Ulthuan after all of this time.

Teclis & Tyrion return home. Tyrion is chosen by House Emeraldsea to compete to be the new Everqueen’s champion. There is a point made about Tyrion and Urian Poisonblade’s practicing fighting each other and how Tyrion is the only one who can really give him a challenge, but he is still better. Also, Urian seems to have doubts about life being better as a Dark Elf than as a High Elf.

In the meantime, Teclis studies how Caledor made Sunfang and his father gets hold of the knowledge which gets him very excited because he now knows what he needs to know to fix Aenarion’s armour, after all of these centuries. Teclis goes to the White Tower, and shares the slaan pictoglyphs with the High Loremaster who verifies that they are talking about some nasty times, which people are picking up on since the Winds of Magic have been tainted lately. They walk through an area with nifty artifacts and Teclis seems interested in the War Crown of Saphery. Teclis goes to the library and ends up encountering Caledor (you know, he’s trapped in the Vortex). They talk about things and eventually it is mentioned that Teclis & Tyrion have to stay alive to keep everything from falling apart.

In the meantime, Tyrion has journeyed to the tournament to become the champion of the Everqueen. He takes everybody down in the sword & shield combat, and makes a fool of himself with all of the political pleasantries after the fact. He gets runner up in the joust the next day, which pretty much drops him out of the running.

While all of that is going on, the Dark Elves have landed on Ulthuan. Now N’Kari is teleporting them around the island for Malekith & company. One group shows up at the Everqueen’s tournament grounds. They attack at night, slaughtering most of the elves. The Everqueen is captured in her tent. Tyrion is awakened, and doing what all heroes do, he heads out and cuts down some Dark Elves. He then puts on their outfit, heads into the Everqueen’s tent and cuts down the guys in there. He and the Everqueen run off into the night, with her also wearing a Dark Elf outfit.

While I enjoyed the book, it does seem to suffer from what many middle books of a trilogy do. I don’t think it was as exciting as the first book, and I expect book three to be more exciting. The book starts and ends with action, but everything else in the middle is fairly tame. It’s great for people wanting to know more about High & Dark Elf societies and politics, since that is what a good portion of the middle part is focused on. I enjoyed the book and think that it was well-written, but those with less Elf inclinations than I might not appreciate it as much.. The benefit to waiting so long to buy and finish the book is that book three is already completed. Now I just need to get a hold of it to “see how it ends”.


2 responses to “Sword of Caledor

  1. Thanks for the write up. I need to get back to reading these novels, it’s been a while. Have you ever read any of the 40k novels or mainly just Fantasy? I ask because I’ve been wanting to read the Salamander series but have only stuck with the Fantasy series so far. Lemme know.

    Also, are you gonna make it to the next tournament in June? We have new forums as well, sign up at http://mwgamingalliance.boards.net. Hoping you make it up to the next tournament and let me know about the books!

    • At this time, I have only read the Fantasy stories, and even then, only the High Elf and Bretonnian ones. I have the Age of Legends book, which has various short stories in it, but have only read the Aenarion one.

      I have heard that the Horus Heresy series is pretty good, even for non-40k players (like me), but haven’t tried any of them out. yet.

      I signed up for the forums today. I will try to make it to the tournament in June. That weekend might be tricky for me, since it is really close to a child’s birthday and an anniversary, but since I know so far ahead of time, I might be able to work around it. Also, I need to get to painting…

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