2500 Points High Elves Tournament List

With the tournament coming up this Saturday, I thought that I would post my updated tournament list. I posted the initial list a while back, but I have since made some revisions. The major changes are dropping the unit of Archers and 15 White Lions to bulk out the unit of Silver Helms and adding a Flamespyre Phoenix.

There are almost 20 players signed up (viewable in the sidebar here), which is much larger than the last tournament that I went to. There is a decent variety or armies, with 11 different ones. My main goals for this tournament are to win at least one game and make fewer glaring mistakes.

As always, I will try and write up battle reports for my games. Maybe this time I will remember to get some pictures to go with the wall of text.


Archmage, Level 4 (High), Talisman of Endurance, Ironcurse Icon, Book of Hoeth

The plan with the Archmage is to place him in the unit of Swordmasters. With +5 to cast High Magic and the Book of Hoeth, he can use only one die to cast many of the smaller spells. If they go off, the lore attribute kicks in to give him and his unit a Ward save (or increases the existing one). His Ward save starts at 5+ due to the Talisman, but can increase to 3+ if he gets a couple of spells off. I am leaning towards him being my general, since he probably won’t be throwing multiple dice at as many spells as the Loremaster will be.

I am really hoping to get Hand of Glory with the High Magic. It can increase the BS on the Bolt Throwers to hit easier with the single bolt. Also, it can raise the Initiative of the Swordmasters, which will let them strike before Chaos Warriors. Finally, it can be used to boost the Swordmasters’ WS to 7, which makes them harder to hit by WS3 troops. There is no guarantee that I will get Hand of Glory, but the other High spells have their own benefits. I’ve heard that Arcane Unforging, Drain Magic, Walk Between Worlds, and Fiery Convocation can be quite useful…

Loremaster of Hoeth, Sword of Might, Shield of the Merwyrm, Power Stone

I was really impressed by the Loremaster’s versatility the last time that I used him. Since the Archmage will handle the bulk of the casting duties, I decided to give him some combat gear instead.  The Sword of Might and Shield of the Merwyrm combo gives him 3 Strength 5 Attacks (with ASF) and a 4+ Parry save in combat.

He can also provide support casting for my Archmage. He can provide the long-range damage support or combat buffs. Also, if the opponent decides to shut down the Archmage’s spells (or if the Archmage fails to cast), he can use the left-over dice to get some spells through. I didn’t have enough points for a Dispel Scroll, but I thought that the Power Stone might be useful for a turn to push a spell through (Wildform maybe?).


Noble, BSB, Barded Elven Steed, Dragon Armour, Star Lance, Enchanted Shield

Since I bulked out the Silver Helm unit, I decided to put this guy on a horse so that he can tag along. He has a 1+ Armour Save with a 6+ Ward (2+ vs flaming). Also, the Star Lance gives him Strength 7, ignoring Armour Saves on the turn that he charges.


14 Silver Helms, Shields, Full Command

Dropping the unit of archers gave me some points to bulk this unit up. The unit should provide me with some decent punch and the threat of  along range charger. Due to Martial Prowess, all 14 of them can fight in a round.

I thought about splitting these into two groups of 6, but it just seemed to be a better idea to put them into one big block to make them more of a combat threat.

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bows, Spears

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bows, Spears

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bows, Spears

The Reavers help to fill out my Core. They provide me with a fast moving unit and something that can take out light troops or chase down war machines. They are also critical since I opted to leave out Eagles from this list. They will be used as war machine hunters or to slow down the opponent’s scary unit(s).

I was rather impressed with these guys last time, even though I used them rather poorly. Hopefully, I can use them better this time.


21 Swordmasters, Full Command, Banner of the World Dragon

The Swordmasters are the main infantry combat power of the list. They will be run 7×3, so that all of them can attack, providing me with 28 attacks at Strength 5. The Banner of the World Dragon protects them from magic, while the Archmage with High Magic will hopefully get some spells off to give them a Ward save against shooting and close combat attacks.

22 Phoenix Guard, Musician, Standard, Razor Standard

The Phoenix Guard are the anvil in the army. With their 4+ Ward, they should be able to survive for a while against most things. With their re-rolls to hit, and S4 AP, they can do some damage to lightly armoured enemies, but mostly they will just hold things up. Also, don’t forget that they Cause Fear 🙂


Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower

The 2 bolt throwers will be used to target the high Toughness/armour save targets. If none of those are available, they will help to thin down the number of bodies approaching the line. The Archmage can cast Hand of Glory on them to help out with the single shot success rate.

Flamespyre Phoenix

This is the main change for this army list. As I mentioned previously on my blog, how can I not have a phoenix in my army?

After looking at the Flamespyre’s statline (3 Str 5 Attacks), it seems like a bad idea to charge this thing into combat unless it is coming in to a flank or rear, and then it’s probably only for the extra combat resolution or Thunderstomps.

The Flamespyre’s main responsibility will be to fly over large blocks, hitting them with its Wake of Fire. Ideally, I can use the Archmage’s Walk Between Worlds to have it fly over again in the Magic phase. With this being Strength 4, I think it is probably more effective than the archers’ shooting would be.

Also if it is killed, it has a (small) chance to come back to life! I’m sure that I will give it plenty of opportunities for that throughout the day…


Dropping the Archers and bulking out the Silver Helms has given me a fast, fairly hard-hitting unit. I might miss out on the Strength 6 attacks that the White Lions added to the list, but hopefully I have other ways to deal with the high Toughness and high Armour Saves that I will have to deal with.

I will be relying on the Swordmasters and Silver Helms to deliver the combat punch for me, with the Phoenix Guard doing what they can to help.

The list is very magic heavy, which can be quite the double-edged sword. Ideally, I will be casting so many spells that my opponent will have to let 2-3 through each turn. Of course, this also makes it more important for me to pick a good order to cast the spells in. Between the Archmage and the Loremaster, I should have a spell for any situation. The trick will be getting it through.

This might have morphed into a list that is similar to what another person in my area runs, but it was not intentional. I think that he runs the Frostheart instead of the Flamespyre, and I don’t think that he was running the Archmage or Swordmasters. Oh well, the tournament is tomorrow and we’ll see how it goes.


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