Hand of Glory – Spell Markers

I have completed the first of my spell markers. My initial plans were quite elaborate, but I abandoned them for something a little more simple. I settled on making the value of the roll like a wax seal, with a ribbon that identifies which attribute has been modified.

To create the seal, I rolled a ball of green stuff, and then pressed my finger into it. Then, using my sculpting tool, I carved the values into it.

Spell Marker - Hand of GloryThen, I dug through my wife’s ribbon box and found some “suitable” colors. I painted everything, placing a magnet within the fold on the ribbon and some scrap magnetic sheet that I use on my movement trays on the back of the ‘wax’. This way, I can place the appropriate value on the attribute affected.

Hand of Glory

Here is how it will look in the game.

Hand of Glory - In Play

The markers for Miasma will be similar, but with different color ‘seals’ and ribbons. Let me know what you think.


4 responses to “Hand of Glory – Spell Markers

  1. This is an excellent idea! I was playing against Chaos yesterday and with all the things their spells can do this would’ve come in handy. I’ll have to come up with something similar, excellent!

    • Yeah, I know that the last time that I played Chaos, there was plenty of Toughness to keep track of with the Nurgle lore in the game. I had forgotten by the time the Sorceror got to combat, and he was T7 or something like that.

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