Swordmasters Completed!

Well, it has been a long time coming, but I have finally finished the unit of Swordmasters that I started so long ago. Now they will be the killing machines that they should be (because we all know that painted models fight better).

The banner for the unit was “sculpted” out of green stuff. It’s not as fancy or dynamic as what is done by professional sculptors, but I was finding it hard to fit one of those banners in the unit. The rune on it is Sarathai, which stands for the World Dragon, defiance, and unyielding. Also, I put the 7 stars of Hoeth, as mentioned in the Uniforms and Heraldry book.

Metal Swordmasters 1 - FrontMetal Swordmasters 1 - Back

Metal Swordmasters 2 - FrontMetal Swordmasters 2 - Back

Metal Swordmasters 3 - FrontMetal Swordmasters 3 - Back

Next up is the Flamespyre Phoenix…. or the Loremaster…


8 responses to “Swordmasters Completed!

  1. Good work on the banner – I do like the sculpted ones like those in the Space Wolves box. Problem is, they’re all the same! Liking the individuality of yours very much 🙂

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