Hobby Lessons – Plastic Glue

Plastic Glue

It has been a while since I wrote about lessons that I have learned in the hobby (mostly learned through mistakes). The previous one was about Army Building and how I had lost my spreadsheet that I use to write my lists. The good news is that I found the USB drive that it was on, and the file has now been backed up to my desktop computer! Now it is time for another lesson!

Back when I started in the hobby, I was still in college. Since I was operating on a very limited budget, I tried to only buy the bare essentials that I needed. Also, I was a bit of a “closet gamer”, so didn’t really have anybody to help me along or mentor me in the hobby. Most of what I learned was from GW publications.

When you are in the hobby, you tend to need to glue stuff together and there was mention of super glue and plastic glue. I figured that super glue is renowned for sticking stuff together so why do I need to buy plastic glue? Over the years, the super glue hasn’t really lived up to my expectations, with many of my models needing to have arms glued back on. It does a great job gluing my fingers together, but it doesn’t seem to be as powerful on models. I have tried various kinds of super glue, but haven’t really found any that live up to the reputation, at least when it comes to miniatures.

Being unsatisfied with my results using the super glue, and constantly being reminded about plastic glue from GW’s model assembly instructions, I decided to finally pick some up. Although, admittedly, I picked up 2 tubes of Testors from Wal-Mart, rather than the GW brand. However, I have been using that ever since. It really seals the plastics together. I think that I remember seeing/hearing somewhere that it creates a chemical reaction that actually melts the pieces of plastics together. However it works, I have been very impressed with its bond and wish that I had tried it sooner.

Obviously, I still need super glue for the metal models that I have, but I am still searching for a good kind. Let me know if you have any recommendations.

Lesson Learned:

Plastic glue is superior to super glue when gluing plastics together


7 responses to “Hobby Lessons – Plastic Glue

  1. Yup, nothing is worse than seeing hours of painting falling to pieces. I used to use GW plastic glue, and it was alright. Then a bad batch hit the local shelves, and although apparently glueing stuff together it more sort of crystallized them together. Soon my Trukks were falling apart, and my mates Savage Orcs were falling apart.

    Now I use only glue intended for plastic modelling kits and it is superior, cheaper and actually melts the plastic together. (Plus it comes with this nice thin pipe to help you get the glue where you want it to.)

  2. I’ve had a lot of problems finding a decent glue too – after having put the word about that I was having problems, I had Loctite superglue suggested to me. I picked up a tube and had a couple of problems with the glue locking the lid shut but the second tube has worked brilliantly. I’m still using it with no issue.

  3. To be honest, I go to the Dollar Tree and buy a 3 pack of the gel glue there for $1. It is very cheap, and it does the job. I’ve not had any issues with it. However, when I’ve had some long road trips a sword or something may come apart, but that’s to be expected…

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