Flaming Base

Over the weekend, I finally completed some hobby! It isn’t much, but it is a start. While the model is not competed (or even started at this point), I am sure that my astute readers will recognize that this is the base for a phoenix, and probably come to the conclusion that it is for a Flamespyre Phoenix and not a Frostheart.

These same readers might also point out that I posted a tournament list recently, and there was not a phoenix in it. Let’s just say that I have had a change of heart since then. I thought that it was a bit sad that a blog names Flames of the Phoenix isn’t using a phoenix model at all. With that being said, I hope to get some work done on the Flamespyre once I can muster up the courage (and get some white primer).

When mounted on the base, I plan to have the tail of the phoenix very close to the ground. The thought with the base is that the phoenix is leaving a trail of fire behind it (like a Wake of Fire in its rules). The flames are crudely sculpted, but between that and the painting, I think that it gets the point across as to what it is. I intentionally left the earth by them blackened to show that the earth had been scorched. I am mostly happy with the results.

Hmm, I didn’t even notice until looking at the pictures that some of the green stuff is still showing! I guess there is some touch-up to do on the flames…

Other than that, what do you think? Does the effect work?

Top-down view

Top-down view

Side View

Side view


8 responses to “Flaming Base

  1. It looks good… I think that when given the 3 foot test (hold the model 3 feet away from your face) it will definitely pass. A lot of painting (mine included) simply doesn’t look that great when it’s under a microscope but my general rule is that if it can pass the 3 foot test then you’re golden, and I think you’ve done that here.

    A quick question about the Phoenix: What’s it’s stats? I haven’t looked at a HE book yet but I can only imagine that it doesn’t suck… And yes, Flames of the Phoenix, for shame if you don’t have one in your list!!!

    • Thanks. It does look alright from “tabletop” distance. I generally tend to scrutinize it more after I post the photo and see it at such a large size. Part of the perfectionist in me, I guess.

      The Flamespyre isn’t very impressive in combat. Mostly 5 for stats, but only 3 Attacks. It can also fly over enemies and do D6 S4 hits + D3 for each rank after the first. Also, if it dies, it can die forever, come back or possibly just detonate a large template blast on its site of death (roll each turn).

      You are probably more likely to see the Frostheart since its stats are 1 higher than the Flamepsyre, except for Initiative, it has a 5+ armour save, it reduces the Strength of enemies in base contact by 1 and gives them Always Strikes Last. All of that for 15 points more.

      Both of these have a base 5+ ward save and can also have their stats modified slightly by the Winds of Magic roll, too (ward save, attacks, strength, initiative). Eventually, I will have both types of phoenixes available to me. I just might have bought an additional one the other day…

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