2500 High Elves Tournament List

Over the weekend, there was a 2,500 point tournament locally. While I didn’t have the time available to play in the tournament, I did have a chance to swing by and see a bit of the action. It was nice to see some Warhammer in action again, and it has helped to motivate me a bit. While I was there, I spoke to the tournament organizer and there will most likely be another tournament at the end of February. I previously posted a target 1,600 point list to get painted this year. So, instead of reworking everything for a 2,500 point list, I have decided to use the 1,600 point list as a base and add an extra 900 points to bring it up to 2,500 for the tournament.


Archmage, Level 4 (High), Talisman of Endurance, Ironcurse Icon, Book of Hoeth

The plan with the Archmage is to place him in the unit of Swordmasters. With +5 to cast High Magic and the Book of Hoeth, he can use only one die to cast many of the smaller spells. If they go off, the lore attribute kicks in to give him and his unit a Ward save (or increases the existing one). His Ward save starts at 5+ due to the Talisman, but can increase to 3+ if he gets a couple of spells off. I am leaning towards him being my general, since he probably won’t be throwing multiple dice at as many spells as the Loremaster will be.

I am really hoping to get Hand of Glory with the High Magic. It can increase the BS on the Bolt Throwers to hit easier with the single bolt. Also, it can raise the Initiative of the Swordmasters or White Lions, which will let them strike before Chaos Warriors. Finally, it can be used to boost the Swordmasters’ WS to 7, which makes them harder to hit by WS3 troops.

Loremaster, Sword of Might, Shield of the Merwyrm

I was really impressed by the Loremaster’s versatility the last time that I used him. Even though I have the Archmage, I included him, since his spells serve a different function. He can provide the long-range damage support or combat buffs. Also, if the opponent decides to shut down the Archmages spells, he can use the left-over dice to get some spells through.


Noble, BSB, Armour of Caledor, Halberd

I went fairly simple with the BSB. 2+ AS, 6+ Ward (2+ vs flaming), S5 with the Halberd. He’s supposed to survive, rather than kill things. Previously, I thought to use the Sword of Might & Shield of the Merwyrm combo on him, but thought that the better Armour Save might work better.


14 Archers, Musician

One unit of archers provides some ranged support for my army. Also, they are almost as effective as spears in close combat, so they can be used to fight if I need them to hold something up (maybe to protect the Bolt Throwers).

7 Silver Helms, Full Command

I decided to add a unit of Silver Helms rather than a 2nd unit of archers. They give me a speedy unit with some decent hitting power. Also, I think that they are probably more effective than another unit of 14 archers would be.

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bows, Spears

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bows, Spears

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Bows, Spears

The Reavers help to fill out my Core. They provide me with a fast moving unit and can aid with a flank/rear charge, when necessary. They are also critical since I opted to leave out Eagles from this list. I was rather impressed with these guys last time, even though I used them rather poorly.


15 White Lions, Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame

I plan to run the White Lions 5×3, so that all 15 of the S6 attacks can hit each round. The White Lions will have the thankless task of dealing with the opposition’s heavily armoured troops or big monsters that make it through the Bolt Thrower fire. The flaming banner lets them cancel out Regen that some of the big creatures have. Also, the Stubborn allows them to stick around if they face heavy losses.

21 Swordmasters, Full Command, Banner of the World Dragon

The Swordmasters are the main combat power of the list. They will be run 7×3, so that all of them can attack, providing me with 28 attacks at Strength 5. The Banner of the World Dragon protects them from magic, while the Archmage with High Magic will hopefully give them a Ward save against shooting (start with a 6+) and close combat attacks.

23 Phoenix Guard, Full Command, Razor Standard

The Phoenix Guard are the anvil in the army. They also provide me with an ASF unit in the army, since the White Lions and Swordmasters both have Great Weapons. The BSB and Loremaster will most likely hang out here, since it should be a solid block.


Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower

The 2 bolt throwers will be used to target the high Toughness/armour save targets. If none of those are available, they will help to thin down the number of bodies approaching the line. The Archmage can cast Hand of Glory on them to help out with the single shot success rate.


Well, there is the list. It uses the Saphery list as a core, adding in some more combat blocks, an Archmage, and the all-important BSB. With two Lord-level mages and access to 12 spells, it might be a bit reliant on magic. Obviously, I won’t be able to cast all of the spells in a single phase, but a large portion of the spells can be cast with only one die (using the Book of Hoeth for some re-rolls). I am expecting to be able to force my opponent into some tough decisions by the sheer quantity of castings. Also, it provides me with two casters in case one loses his concentration. Hopefully, I can be smart about my casting order to make my magic phases as effective as possible.

I didn’t want to leave out eagles, but the Reavers did a good job for me last time, and they count towards Core. They are highly mobile, and should provide me with similar functions as the eagle. I might miss the Fly ability, but they are still plenty fast.

Instead of focusing on two large blocks of elite infantry, I opted to include all three. They each have different strengths and including them all gives me more versatility. The Phoenix Guard should be hard to kill, while the White Lions give me high Strength attacks. The Swordmasters give me volume of attacks. Now, it is just trying to get them to engage the right units.

I thought about adding a phoenix, but I would have to cut out one of the infantry blocks. The only model I have available to me at the moment is the Flamepsyre, which I don’t think would add too much to this list. Eventually, I will get at Frostheart, and then it can assist in protecting my squishy elves.

Provide comments and suggestions below.


6 responses to “2500 High Elves Tournament List

  1. A slight note: in the errata the +1 to cast High Magic has been turned back into a +1 to dispel.

    I really see your point about the Ellyrian Reavers. As a High Elf player one is not very used to paying to little for a functional unit. It is also useful to fill out the Core if you are not betting heavy on some spears – I’d feel sad with no eagle though, I almost always include one (my eagle model is perhaps my oldest miniature – well worn and well loved).

    • No worries. πŸ™‚ I didn’t think that GW had put an FAQ, but I had to check after I saw the comment.

      This was my first time actually playing without an eagle. The Fast Cav is nice, but Fly comes in handy so many times.

      • I find that there are very few things in the High Elf book needing further clarification. As such I am not surprised to not have seen a specific errata yet.
        Banner of the World Dragon has been addressed in the core errata. most people seem to understand how ASF and ASL interact and that little thing where people were trying to claim a cumulative bonus to High Magic has been common sensed away.

        That said I miss the bonus to dispel.

        • Yeah, I find the book is pretty solid, and when using common sense, the book is fine. I always thought the cumulative bonus was a stretch, as well as the stacking Frostheart Phoenix Aura. Also, people trying to use the Shield of the Merwyrm while mounted. Unfortunately, some people try to squeeze out any advantage they can get, so an FAQ would be nice just to set some things in stone.

          • Oh I never thought about the Merwyrm thing… since a parry save is only granted to infantry (or something like that). I actually saw it on a character mounted on a chariot recently and I was wondering if that is a legal move.
            And I think the rules are pretty clear that two of the same conditions does not stack – trying to stack the Frost Aura is just a way of revealing that you did not read the rules thoroughly enough.
            But yes a couple of things set in stone would be nice.

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