Christmas Toys

Christmas has come and gone, and it is time for me to start posting some updates to my blog again. I will be adding some goals for 2014 soon, but for now, I thought that I would show off my new toys.

Fantasy Flight SaleI bought the 4 games above during the Fantasy Flight Games sale that I mentioned previously. The games were steeply discounted and I just couldn’t pass them up. I have had a chance to play all of them except for Letter of Marque. I think that Kingdoms is a pretty solid game. Ventura started strong, but it seems to have some balance issues. The Hobbit hasn’t really caught my attention as much, but my son seems to like it. I will probably be writing reviews on these eventually.

For Christmas, my wife bought me the 7 Wonders – Cities expansion and a High Elf Chariot. This is my first chariot, and I have already started building it as a Lion Chariot. Maybe I will have to ‘take it out for a spin’ sometime and see what it can do…


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