Warhammer Quiz Results

The end of the year is around the corner, and that is when some people like to start new armies. That will not be the case for me, but just in case that might be you, there is something to help you decide.

One of the other bloggers that I follow posted a link to a Warhammer quiz to determine which army you would “wield best”. It looks to be a little old since it refers to Hordes of Chaos and Dogs of War, but it is still a bit of fun.The quiz can be found here.

The quiz was much longer than I expected, but I made it through. Here are my results, along with some comments:

  1. 95% – High Elves – No big surprise here. I would have been a little disappointed if this didn’t turn out to be #1. I have always liked elves in fantasy worlds.
  2. 75% – Vampire Counts – This is a bit of a surprise. Maybe my preference for magical armies bumped it up? I don’t ever see myself playing VCs, but I did have an idea at one point of using some High Elves for “counts as”. My thought was to have a mage who had summoned an army of elementals. I thought that would fit the crumbling rules quite well. It sounded plausible to me, but also a lot of work and probably a pain for my opponent to play against.
  3. 65% – Bretonnia – I actually had Bretonnians for a while, and I will admit that they still kind of appeal to me.
  4. 60% – Dwarfs – I’m not really drawn to dwarfs. No gunpowder for me.
  5. 60% – Wood Elves – If I were to pick up another army, it might be these guys. However, I think that they might focus too much on the non-Elf for me.
  6. 55% – Tomb Kings – I’m just not interested in the undead
  7. 55% – Dogs of War – I don’t know a whole lot about these guys, but mercenaries aren’t usually my thing.
  8. 50% – Lizardmen – Although the magical dominance of the Slann sounds fun, I’m not really into the army.
  9. 45% – Beasts of Chaos – Too much animal for me.
  10. 30% – The Empire – Humans? Isn’t this a fantasy game? 🙂 I don’t approve of their heavy use of gunpowder either.
  11. 30% – Skaven – The Game of Thrones of Warhammer. I’m not really into not being able to trust anybody.
  12. 30% – Orcs and Goblins – While the army seems a bit fun and random, I can’t handle how they talk. It’s like reading Huck Finn in high school, and that was not a fun read for me.
  13. 30% – Hordes of Chaos –  I like the Chaos Warrior & Knight models, but I just can’t be the bad guys.
  14. 30% – Ogre Kingdoms – Lots of people love these guys, but they don’t really appeal to me.
  15. 25% – Dark Elves – While I like some of their models (plastic Dragon, plastic Cold One Knights, and previous edition Executioners), I don’t think I could ever bring myself to play these guys.
  16. 15% – Chaos Dwarfs – I don’t know much about them, but they don’t sound like very nice guys.

I think that overall, my preference for nice guys that are elite warriors pushed the bad guys to the bottom. I’m not sure about the VCs. However, the quiz does claim to identify which army I would wield best. If that is the case, it could be pretty ugly for me with other armies… I don’t really have to worry about that, since I don’t anticipate picking up another army.


7 responses to “Warhammer Quiz Results

  1. Yo! I just took this quiz because I seen you posted it! I’m going to post my results as well, and I think they’re pretty interesting. Lizardmen was obviously #1 and it’s very coincidental what I got as 2nd place. Thanks for sharing your results, I enjoyed taking the quiz.

  2. My result was Vampire Counts. Funny enough, I absolutely HATE the VC army. I hate the whole ‘undead’ aspect. And, like your results Phoenix, I got CHaos Dwarves as last – even though that army peaks my interest. I’d most likely have them if they werent a forge world exclusive and so damn expensive. A couple of years ago I did some research on them and loved their rules and their big hitters.

    • The quiz must have been created by an undead lover. So, it would seem that you have rather chaotic tendencies? I hear you about the price of the Chaos Dwarfs. Building an army out of the Forge World models would cost quite a bit.

      • Hard not to be a Chaos fan right now. The armies are very strong and extremely fun to play. And the models are fantastic too.

        The Chaos Dwarves (price wise) were not as bad as you might think. A majority of the models were comparable to normal GW prices. But the big Tauren and ‘monster’ type models were up there a bit. Although, if you look at the tauren, with the wings and high quality mold, it is well worth the money IMO.

    • It would seem that the quiz is fairly reliable, unless we all somehow answered questions to steer it toward our desired result… However, it might be a little more difficult for somebody like you, that plays multiple armies.

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