1600 Point – Loremaster Tournament List

Well, since I didn’t know for sure which list I wanted to take to the tournament on Saturday, I let my son decide. I set up both armies across the table from each other and he surprised me by choosing the non-dragon list. Maybe he was unimpressed with my dragon’s (Dragon Mage) performance from the last tournament that I went to?

Regardless of his reasoning, I have finally settled upon a list and have been trying to get some of it painted up before Saturday. I will eventually post some updates with painted models, but I will wait until the are finished (and I am quite slow at painting). I am pretty excited to finally get to try out the new High Elves, even if I am only taking one of the new entries.


Loremaster, Dragonhelm, Golden Crown of Atrazar, Khaine’s Ring of Fury, Book of Hoeth

The Loremaster is the sole character in this army. He is the general and provides the magic support. I am pretty excited to get to use him, because his variety of spells should allow him to always be useful. With Khaine’s Ring of Fury, he has 4 Magic Missiles, 1 Direct Damage, 2 Augments, and 2 Hexes.

Most of the spells can be cast with one or two dice, so I will be relying on trying to cast as many spells as possible (aided by re-roll from the Book of Hoeth). Sure my opponent will dispel some, but he should have some choices to make on what he will let go, since he probably won’t be able to dispel everything.


15 Archers, Musician

15 Archers, Musician

Two units of 15 archers provide some ranged support for my army. Their first priority will be enemy ranged units and then lightly armoured targets. Also, they are almost as effective as spears in close combat, so they can be used to fight if I need them to hold something up (maybe to protect the Bolt Throwers).

5 Ellyrian Reavers, Musician, Spears

The Reavers help to fill out my Core. They provide me with a fast moving unit and can aid with a flank/rear charge, when necessary. I didn’t add bows to these guys, because of the low Strength damage output. 5 shots at BS4, when they have probably moved, wouldn’t likely do much over the course of the game.


22 Swordmasters, Full Command, Banner of the World Dragon

Here is the main combat power of the army. Maybe some opponents will not be happy that I have ‘that’ banner, but it is one of the few ways to protect the Swordmasters. It keeps them from being shredded by magic missiles and helps protect them if my Loremaster decides to get into the miscast business.

I am still extremely vulnerable to ranged attacks, and non-magical close combat attacks. Hopefully, I can neutralize the opponent’s ranged attacks with my own. The plan is to run them 7 wide, which will provide them with the potential of 28 WS6, S5 attacks.

Once I get into combat, the Loremaster can dip into his book of Augments and Hexes to help tip the combat in my favor.

9 Swordmasters

9 Swordmasters

These units are going to be used more as flanking/throwaway units. I opted for 9 instead of 7 to make it slightly harder to panic them (have to kill 3 models instead of 2). Maybe it would be better to combine them into one block of 18 or 17 with a standard? Also, they could just be groups of 5, with the extras joining the bigger unit. I’m not 100% sure here. I’ll probably have multiple movement trays for these guys and form them up based upon the opposition’s units.


Great Eagle

Great Eagle

I am a big fan of the eagles. They will be used for many different roles in the army: getting in the way, redirecting, chasing down fleeing troops, flank charging. They have the ability to do it all.

Bolt Thrower

Bolt Thrower

The 2 bolt throwers will support the archers in thinning down the opponent. They also provide me with my best method of dealing with heavily armoured models.

Well, this is far from an “optimal” tournament list, as I feel that I have taken some concessions in my list, but also some good things from the book as well. I have always liked the Saphery region of Ulthuan, and this list is themed around that. Also, it gives me the opportunity to field a decent amount of painted models. It won’t be complete, but about half of the army should be painted.

My biggest concern with this list is massed shooting. I don’t have much of an armour save on anybody, and with only Toughness 3, it is going to hurt. Also, only having a level 2 for dispel attempts can be difficult, but hopefully the Book can help make up the difference. The final concern is any scenarios that might be in play. If something relies on lots of banners or characters, I am a bit short in that area…

Provide comments and suggestions below.


6 responses to “1600 Point – Loremaster Tournament List

  1. This is a very interesting list and I look forward to hearing how it goes for you. The only change I would suggest is having the Swordmasters in 2 groups of 20 to provide rank bonuses and the ability to retain combat viability if they take a few casualties, particularly without any spearmen units to tie up other mass infantry units.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I wasn’t quite sure if I should use the two smaller units or combine them into one large one. It probably is best to combine them so that I have two big combat blocks instead of one. I’ll reshuffle the list again to see how it looks.

  2. With my WoC models, I like big, nasty blocks of figures. If I can crunch 30+ guys in a block, I’ll do it. Most of the time I’ll run them 6 wide too, as 6x25mm vs. 5x20mm – I still get all of my front and second rank to attack, and those two additional figures have helped to determine combat res several times.

    You should see my block of Marauders and their heavy weapons. Sure, they die in large numbers, but when they crash upon something, it dies.

    I’m not sure how high elves work out in CC, but I can imagine two blocks will provide you many more options and give you a little more versatility as far as attacking, placement, redirects, etc.. You’ll have a somewhat high model count, even in a small list. I typically do not have that luxury.

    I have not rolled dice in some time – wish I could make the tournament. I wish you the best of luck. Anxious to see how the Elves do.

    • 8th edition really does seem to favor bigger blocks. It I run into a massive block of guys, it will probably be pretty bloody. Hopefully, I will kill many, because I know that lots of my elves will die. And with the Sword Masters losing their re-rolls in this edition of the book, I don’t have that to save me if I roll poorly when rolling to hit.

      The two main reasons I had initially gone with the smaller units is to maximize the attacks from the Swordmasters and also because they are so susceptible to ranged attacks and magic missiles.

      The Banner of the World Dragon can only protect one unit and the magic will most likely only be able to protect one, too. Maybe I will be fortunate and be able to protect them both. The massive blocks favor the White Lions and Phoenix Guard more, since they aren’t losing attacks in the subsequent ranks.

      I have reshuffled my list to support the two larger blocks (and some other minor changes), so I will see how it goes. Enemy ranged units will be a huge priority for me.

      It’s too bad that you can’t make it to the tournament. It would be good to see your Warriors tear through some armies. So, what is going on with your blog? It seems to have died a while back. I thought it might be temporary, but it looks like it might be permanent.

      • I have not been able to commit much time to warhammer here lately. I did not feel as though any input I was able to muster would be – post worthy. Plus the absence of games as of late does not help any either. I need to get some dice in my hands before long, and I need to get my warriors on the table soon. It’s at the point now where my wife has been giving them the evil eye every time she walks past.

        On a side note – I’m surprised in the absence of chariots in your list. Being a WoC player, I wouldn’t feel as though I was running a competitive team if my list did not include at least two or three chariots. Granted, I have not had the chance to face off against the new High Elves, I feel as though the generic chariot rules are just too powerful to overlook. Great mobility, impact hits, lots of attacks, lots of wounds – whats not to love? Are the HE chariots lacking or are you not a fan of chariots themselves?

        • Well, you can always just blather on like me. I post lots of stuff about Warhammer without getting a chance to actually play.

          One big reason is that I don’t own any of the chariot models. They were overpriced (points) in the previous edition of the High Elf book, so I never bought any. The other reason is that not all chariots are like Chaos chariots :). With bigger units on the field, it is harder to break through them with chariots, and High Elf chariots can’t handle sustained combat very well.

          The Lion Chariot is the toughest, at T4, 4+ AS and 4 Wounds. You get 4 S5 Attacks, and 2 S6. For an equivalent points cost, you can get 9 White Lions (9 S6 attacks) or almost 5 Dragon Princes (10 S5 attacks with ASF).

          It’s great that the Skycutter can fly, and you can mount a lesser Bolt Thrower (24″ range, S5) on it. That seems like a decent option, but makes it really expensive. In combat, it will have 5 S4 attacks in the first round, with 3 of those becoming S3 in subsequent rounds.

          The Tiranoc Chariots are really fragile with only T4, S4 with a 5+ AS. On the charge, they have 2 S4 and 2 S3 attacks. The S4 attacks drop down to S3 in subsequent rounds. Two of these is the same price as one Gorebeast chariot with a Khorne or Nurgle mark. I think that the Gorebeast would have better damage output than this.

          With all of that being said, I have thought that it would look amazing to have a chariot heavy army, but that might take me a while to build up to that. I plan on buying some eventually, but I just haven’t gotten there yet.

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