1600 Point – Caledor List

Well, we have a 1600 point tournament coming up on November 16th, and I should be able to make it. I thought I would post up my “fun” list that I thought up. I will end up taking this or something similar to the Loremaster list that I have previously posted.

If I were to go with this list, I would have to use Dragon Prince models to represent the Silver Helms, because I actually don’t own many Silver Helms (8 of them), but happen to own a lot of Dragon Princes (probably almost 30).


Prince, Sun Dragon, Halberd, Heavy Armour, Golden Crown of Atrazar

Due to the points low points level, I can’t do anything better than the Sun Dragon. Also, the Prince only gets minimal equipment, because of the points allowance. I can only fit 6 more points on him before I go over the allowance. The Golden Crown is the 2+ ward to keep him alive if a cannonball flies his way. He only has a 4+ Armour Save, so nothing too great.


Dragon Mage, Level 2 (Fire), Sun Dragon, Dragon Armour, Charmed Shield

Dragon #2 in the list. He comes in right at 400 points with the Dragon Armour and the Charmed Shield (cannonball protection). He also provides the only magic in the list. He is guaranteed to Fireball and Flaming Sword, which can be helpful.


11 Silver Helms, Shields, Full Command

11 Silver Helms, Shields, Full Command

These guys form up the Core for the army. They are quick moving, so they should be able to cross the table quickly and keep up with the flying creatures. The Champions are there to accept challenges so that the Dragons can hit the unit. Also, they have a couple of ranks, so maybe they can help to break Steadfast.


Frostheart Phoenix

I decided to go with the Frostheart in this list. It gives the list the only Strength 6 Attacks, and its Blizzard Aura helps to keep the other models alive, if I pull off a combo charge with them.

It is a very small list with only 25 models, but has 3 big creatures. Also, the list is really fast, with the cavalry units being Movement 9 and the other models flying.

I’m not a huge fan of the Prince being so vulnerable, but it seems like a bit of fun to have 3 big, flying monsters roaming the table at such a low points level. Obviously, there are some concerns with opponents’ magic, since I don’t get any bonuses to dispel with the Dragon Mage and if the enemy has cannons, he can take any of the big creatures off with one shot. I guess that is part of the risk with a list like this.

Let me know what you think.


2 responses to “1600 Point – Caledor List

  1. Looks like quite a fun list to play. You’ll have to be cagey with your cavalry though, they’ll get hung up on big infantry units very easily and Silver Helms don’t really want to have to go to a second round of combat. I suppose that combined charges will be the order of the day.

    • Yeah, the Silver Helms are pretty worthless on subsequent rounds. The list will really rely on massive damage output in a single round of combat. I am a little concerned with high armour saves on enemy models since Strength 5 doesn’t punch through all that well. Also, I can’t Thunderstomp any of the bigger creatures that I am bound to face, so that severely limits the damage outputs of the monsters. I’m on the fence between the two lists. Maybe I will let my son decide which one I will take. I doubt that I could finish painting either of them before the tournament, but I would like to make some progress on the one that I will use.

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