Russian Alternative – Elfin Lord

I don’t really remember how, but a while back, I stumbled across the Russian Alternative models. I was a huge fan of the Elfin Lord and now I have one for my very own. The spear elf models that they have also interest me, but I already have a pile of GW spear elves. I bought it through ebay (which has some better pictures than I took). I think that it only took me about 2 weeks to receive my shipment from Russia, which doesn’t seem too bad to me.

Since I am not a huge fan of the Games Workshop Loremaster model (I think it has to do with the guy’s legs), I think that I will use this model to represent that figure. I think that he should fit in nicely with the Sword Masters.

The model came in a nice little box and I am quite happy with it. There was a little bit of flash that needed cleaning up, but nothing too bad. The “worst” was a decent sized chunk attached to the pommel of the sword and the bottom of the model (a rock?). It was a little odd that it came with a slotta base, since the model does not have a rail to put in the slotta base, but I think that the base of the model should cover the slot sufficiently.

I am a little concerned with is the sword that the model is holding. It is pretty thin, so is a bit flimsy. Also, joining the wrists to the body seems to not fit completely. The detail on the model is excellent, and hopefully I can do it some justice with my meager painting skills.


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