Special Characters – Caradryan


The final High Elf special character is Caradryan, Captain of the Phoenix Guard. I find it a little interesting that, being the captain, his stats are worse than Anointed of Asuryan. It makes sense with him being a Hero level character instead of a Lord, but I guess that the Anointed must be above the captain? Like Korhil, Caradryan compare best with a High Elf Noble, but he comes in at 100 points more. So, what do you get for the extra 100 points?

  • Strength 5, Flaming Attacks that cause D3 Multiple Wounds
  • Magic Resistance (1)
  • Causes Fear
  • 4+ Ward
  • If he dies, the unit that killed him suffers D3 Wounds (or the model, if he was in a challenge) with no armour saves

So, he has some minor changes from last edition. The main ones being that he is no longer MR(3), no longer causes D6 Wounds when he dies, and he can ride Ashtari, a Frostheart Phoenix.

I would guess that if you see him, he will probably be on Ashtari. This way, he can seek out multi-wound targets to make maximum use of his blade that causes D3 wounds. Also, using him on his phoenix is the only way to fit 4 phoenixes in the army at 2400 points, which might appeal to some people.

The 4+ Ward is nice, but Wards are more effective when the model has more wounds, and with only 2 wounds, it (usually) won’t keep him alive very long. MR(1) can help him survive a little better under magic missile fire (making his 4+ Ward a 3+), if the opponent tries to shoot him down.

As a foot model, I don’t really see why somebody would bother, unless they were having a themed army with him placed in the midst of a Phoenix Guard unit. However, I think he would be much better on Ashtari, since he provides a cheaper option of a mounted Phoenix rider (30 points cheaper than an Anointed on a Frostheart).


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