Special Characters – Korhil


The next High Elf special character is Korhil, Captain of the White Lions. As many people know, the White Lions are the bodyguards of the Phoenix King and comes with its own perks (Stubborn and a White Lion Cloak) Korhil is the cream of the crop, and compares better with the High Elf Noble than with his brethren. So, what sets him apart from a typical Noble?

  • Stubborn
  • +1 Attack from paired weapons
  • Strength 6 attacks (with re-rolls)
  • Killing Blow
  • 4+ Armour Save in close combat, 3+ vs. non-magical shooting
  • Ignores the Poison special rule

You have the option of putting him in a Lion Chariot or keeping him on foot. On foot if probably the most effective option. Also, that would allow him to join a unit to give them Stubborn. Obviously, the more ‘themey’ option would have him placed in a unit of White Lions, but probably the most efficient use of him would be to place him in another infantry block.

Overall, he seems to be quite the bargain. You can’t build an equivalent Noble to include all of the equipment that he has, and even if you could, it would cost considerably more.

I think that he would be a nice general to have in lower points lists, since he is a solid fighter and the Stubborn at Leadership 9 is quite good. Sure, his armour save is quite poor, but heroes can’t have it all.


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