Special Characters – Tyrion


Following up on his twin from last week, I’m going to write about Tyrion today. When it comes to High Elves and combat, Tyrion is best that there is. He’s kind of a big deal in the elven realm, with everybody liking him and some saying that he is Aenarion reborn. So, what does this elf offer that makes him so special?

  • 10″ Movement
  • 18″ Inspiring Presence if he is your General (and why wouldn’t he be?)
  • Tyrion is back to being a Cavalry (he was Monstrous Cavalry when 8th came out), so he can be protected in a unit of Silver Helms or Dragon Princes once again.
  • Always Strikes First with 4 Strength 7 Magical, Flaming Attacks at Weapon Skill 9. He also has a breath weapon, too. Malhandir adds in with his own 2 Strength 4 Attacks.
  • 1+ armour save and a 4+ ward (2+ against Flaming Attacks)
  • Magic Resistance (2)
  • 4 Wounds (unusual for an elf)
  • The first time that he suffers his last wound, on a 2+ the Wound is negated

Overall, he is a pretty solid character, but he should be since he comes in at 400+ points. He probably won’t be as game-changing as his twin brother, and doesn’t have the choices that the other one provides, but he is a fairly resilient combat character that can put out some damage.


4 responses to “Special Characters – Tyrion

  1. Sneak him in a unit of Princes and he could be a strong wrecking ball. A definite deterrent, that is for sure. Not much out there that could stand toe-to-toe with him and survive. Would make for an interesting battle with a Nurgle Lord, as the WoC’s are forced to issue challenges. An epic battle would ensue, which is what Warhammer games are all about.

  2. Tyrion certainly has a lot to offer if you want an Elf to stab baddies, though in general I’ve not really found that combat-oriented characters are quite as effective as I feel they should be considering the cost of getting them. Tyrion in particular should have swapped swords with his brother.

    • Yeah, for the combat characters to have any real effect on the game they would need a lot of attacks. It’s so much easier for the magical special characters to majorly change the battle.

      That is a really good point about the twins. They really should have swapped swords. Wounding on 2+ with no armour saves is much more appealing with high Attacks & Weapon Skill, and Teclis could still make use of the breath weapon from Sunfang.

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