Mathhammer Monday – Skullcrushers of Khorne

Following up on this month’s Warriors of Chaos theme, we have the Skullcrushers of Khorne. This also represents my first Monstrous Cavalry comparison, so hopefully my calculations are set up for more complex unit types now. I used 3 Skullcrushers for the comparison, since that allowed more of the horde to attack.

  • The Stomp has been added in to the mount’s Hits. For example, each Jugger has 3 attacks and need 4s to hit (3 attacks * 3 models = 9 hits * 1/2 = 5 hits + 3 stomps = 8 total hits)


As one might expect, the Skullcrushers have amazing damage output, and good survivability. They really shred the High Elves, with the Phoenix Guard being saved by their Ward. The good news for the elves is that the elites can kill about 1 each round, which drastically reduces the amount of damage taken in subsequent rounds. Things really swing around with the horde calculation because of the increased attack count from the High Elves (2 more models per rank plus the additional rank).

One thing to note is that Strength 5 & 6 for the Skullcrushers (lances and charging) doesn’t make a difference, since either value is wounding on 2s and eliminating the armour save. However the Ensorcelled Weapons could actually be a negative if the High Elf unit is carrying the Banner of the World Dragon (2+ ward vs. magical attacks).


4 responses to “Mathhammer Monday – Skullcrushers of Khorne

  1. I can see how the Banner of the World Dragon would come as a complete shock to me if I charged in. I typically run the Crushers with the ensorcelled weapons, as it gives them the ability to take on just about any opposing monster. They do not typically confront opposing foot slog units in horde formation, or with big weapons, or with a high number of attacks, etc. Their odds of winning are deflated in that type of encounter obviously, so I keep them away. I try to focus them on low model count units, such as opposing cavalry, chariots, etc., unless I can pull off a flank attack. Yes, I forfeit my stomp attack ignoring some units, but their damage output is still incredibly high without those additional hits.

    The width of the Crusher bases opens them to a large number of attacks. I try to minimize the potential number of incoming attacks if I can. Luckily Crushers are not single wound models. Regardless, I’m pretty relaxed with my Crushers in the first couple of rounds. But as units get thinned out, I’ll get more aggressive with them.

    • I would agree that how you use them would be ideal. Their damage output might be impressive against a large block, but they are bound to die, and each one that dies drastically reduces the damage output. Smashing through smaller units and staying alive keeps them more of a threat. They are definitely something that an opponent has to pay attention to.

      • I love the fact that WoC offers so many high damage output models. I can cram Chariots, Ogres, Brutes and Giants down the throat of an opponent, all while flanking with other strong units, like the Crushers and even 1+ armor Chaos Knights hitting at STR5. I thought I loved playing Ogre Kingdoms, but the WoC book is fantastic.

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