Mathhammer Monday – Chaos Warrior Chariots

As requested, I ran some numbers on the Gorebeast Chariot and threw in a regular Khorne Chariot for another comparison. I tried to double-check the numbers since this is my first run at doing a chariot comparison, and they seemed to make sense to me. Let me know if you think that something looks odd.

Since this is my first chariot comparison, there are a couple more assumptions added:

  • The chariot charged into combat (for non-charging rounds, just subtract the Impact Hits from the results)
  • The chariot is fighting to its front (i.e. the mounts get to attack)
  • Impact Hits from the d6 end up at 3 (+1 for scythed wheels)
  • Only the High Elf models in base contact can attack

Chaos Chariot - Khorne

Up first is the “plain” Khorne Chariot. It hits pretty hard, but will probably end up dying in the 2nd round against everything except for the Spearmen.

Gorebeast Chariot - Khorne

Now for the Khorne Gorebeast Chariot… The damage output is slightly better than the other chariot. However, the higher Toughness really reduces the number of wounds that it takes.

Gorebeast Chariot - NurgleAnd the final comparison includes a Nurgle Gorebeast Chariot. The -1 To Hit helps the chariot survive against the Swordmasters and White Lions, but doesn’t make a difference against the Spearmen & Phoenix Guard.

Be sure to point out if anything looks wrong. This is the first time with these calculations, and things can go wrong. Also, I don’t have access to the book, so was using what I could glean from another source for the numbers to use.

Next week, I’ll put up the comparison for the Skullcrushers.


3 responses to “Mathhammer Monday – Chaos Warrior Chariots

  1. It is nice to see those stats. The Gorebeast can be a handful on the charge and has the toughness / solid armor save to fight for a few turns. I did expect a few more kills out of the Khorne version though. Don’t forget though that the mark of Khorne does apply to the whole unit, therefore giving the Gorebeast an additional attack too. From the chart it appears as though the Beast has 3 attacks under Nurgle & Khorne. That could make a bit of a difference, as he hits extremely hard. As long as he can get off a successful hit, he’ll most likely get another kill.

    • Ah. I knew that I had to get something wrong πŸ™‚ I missed that the Mark affected the mount also. In this case, on average, the Gorebeast will still only hit with 2 of its attacks, but against lower Weapon Skill models, it should translate into another hit, and probably a wound, too.

      The chariots are definitely a scary proposition for the opponent, since they do pack a punch.

      • They make for incredible flank attackers. Limit the amount of attacks they have to absorb, yet still dish out their full array or weaponry. The list I ran over the weekend included no chariots and no skullcrushers, but was still effective thanks to the mark of Nurgle alone. That is a very powerful attribute for an army to have on their side.

        Looking at the numbers though, I think it’s a toss-up. The Nurgle will obviously take fewer hits, therefore leading to fewer wounds, but the additional attacks easily make up, at least against the Elves. The Nurgle gorebeat chariot only took 13 wounds, while the Khorne took 16. But the Khorne was able to dish out 48 wounds versus 43 off the Nurgle. Give and take… More damage or surviability? This is really going to show depending on the rest of your forces, and what compliments them.

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