Warhammer: Diskwars

Warhammer Diskwars

I stumbled across a nice little surprise this morning, with Fantasy Flight Games announcing another Warhammer offering. It is a little disappointing that the box design is so close to the design of their Runewars game, but maybe that was intentional, since they both have “wars” in the name?

Reading through the brief description of the game, and seeing that it supports 2-4 players and plays under an hour, sounds appealing to me. Also, at $40, it is much easier for me to give it a try than some of their other games that come in around $80.

My one concern is the number of expansions for the game. If it is anything like their Living Card Games, there will be many, many releases. I am a little bit of a completionist/collector, so this can be a very expensive investment for me, if that is the case.

I will continue to monitor the developments surrounding this and be sure to write a review if I end up buying it.


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