Mathhammer Monday – Chaos Warriors

After a considerable hiatus from these, I decided to try to start them up again. New High Elf and Warriors books have been released, since I first compared the Warriors. Also, with the seemingly prevalence of Warriors in my area, I thought that it might be good to revisit them. A lack of access to the new books had been preventing me, but I finally decided to just use the Army Builder data to get the stats for these models.

So, without further ado, let the comparisons begin.

Chaos Warrior - Nurgle ShieldThe first comparison is for Warriors with a Shield and Mark of Nurgle. The Elves end up slightly on the losing end for this match-up, with the Phoenix Guard doing the best. The -1 To Hit from the mark makes a significant difference, since all of the elves (except the Swordmasters) have to roll a 5 or better to hit. The Phoenix Guard and Spearmen still get a lot of hits due to their re-rolls, but their lower Strength can’t punch through the armour of the Warriors.

Chaos Warrior - Khorne HalberdThe next comparison swaps the survivability of Nurgle for the killing power of Khorne. Khorne Warriors with a Halberd produce considerably more damage against the Elves, but the Elves get to kill more of them, too. The end results are more in the Warriors favor than before, with the combats being much more decisive.

Chaos Warrior - Khorne Extra WeaponFor the final comparison, I was interested what the difference would be if the Khorne Warriors swapped the Halberd from the previous calculation for an extra Hand Weapon. I was slightly surprised, at first. I expected the extra attacks against the low armour to perform better, but it would seem that the 2+ to Wound from the Strength 5 attacks of the halberd is more advantageous. Also, only the first row of Warriors benefits from the extra attacks, so clearly bumping the attacks up in Strength is a better choice.

So, the final conclusion? Don’t send any of the elven units in head-to-head against any Warriors and expect to win. Either magical support, combined charges or flanking is required to pull off a reliable victory.


5 responses to “Mathhammer Monday – Chaos Warriors

  1. Good ole’ Chaos Warriors. You got to love their survivability. Although the good thing for anyone sitting across the table from them is their limited numbers. In a 1500 point game, I typically run 24 of them, in two blocks of 12. I can still get all 12 gents to attack, even against a 20mm, 5 wide unit. Any time I can sneak in a few additional attacks with those guys – its typically a great thing.

    I’d be interested in running the numbers for the Gorebeast (in Nurgle and Khorne), or even the Skullcrushers. I think those numbers might be surprising.

    • Yeah, the low model count is true, but unfortunately for elves, they are in a similar boat. The Warriors in the comparison are almost the same points costs as the elite High Elf infantry. With the High Elf changes, the Sword Masters and White Lions are striking simultaneous, so that really hurts.

      I will see if I can look at the Gorebeast chariots and Skullcrushers. My spreadsheet only handles infantry currently, but I have been interested in expanding it to cavalry. I experienced a Gorebeast hitting some spears first-hand, and it wasn’t pretty.

      • I haven’t crunched the numbers, but I would like to see the difference in effect for the Gorebeast when comparing Nurgle and Khorne. Typically, I run the figure as Khorne to get the additional attacks. I am not worried about taking much damage based on the fact he has a superior defense (T6 & 3+ armor). But the thought has always been in the back of my mind wondering if Nurgle might be the best way to go. I mean.. you cannot deal damage if you’re dead. Any time I can increase the durability of a figure, I typically do it. Putting some numbers to my theory would be nice.

  2. I always take my Khorne Warriors with Halberds, they are just soooo deadly and people cry when they see all the generally unsavable wounds hee hee =D I might try out a horde of them against my mates High Elves …. nah its just too mean hahaha xD

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