2013 Plans – 2nd Quarter Progress Check

We are now over half-way through the year and I thought that I might revisit my goals once again. Here is a quick recap of the goals that I set:

Play in at least 1 tournament

Finish painting an entire 2500 point High Elf army

  1. Prince on Dragon
  2. Prince on Foot
  3. Noble BSB on Horse
  4. Mage
  5. 30 Archers
  6. 39 Spearmen
  7. 18 Dragon Princes (5 of these have been completed)

Finish my “Circle of Hoeth” (a mage model for each lore)

  1. High Magic
  2. Beasts
  3. Death
  4. Life
  5. Light
  6. Heavens
  7. Metal
  8. Shadow

Black Library Reading

  1. Caledor
  2. Sword of Caledor
  3. The Great Betrayal
  4. Defenders of Ulthuan
  5. Sons of Ellyrion

Well, the only thing that I have managed to cross off of my list in the past 3 months is the Defenders of Ulthuan reading. I have a really good start on the Sons of Ellyrion, so that will be an easily attainable goal, but that’s not very good progress for half way through the year.

After attending the previous tournament, I have decided that I would like to make a slightly more competitive list. Also, the new army book has come out since my goals were originally created. With these things in mind (and a lack of progress), I am deciding to revise the army list to target. Here is the new army goal, previously posted here:

Finish painting an entire 1600 point High Elf army

  1. Loremaster
  2. 30 Archers
  3. 5 Ellyrian Reavers
  4. 43 Swordmasters (18 of these are mostly done)
  5. 2 Bolt Throwers
  6. 2 Eagles (already complete)

Sure, the Swordmasters aren’t as awesome as they were in the old book, but I still like the models and the story behind them. Hopefully, I can start progressing with the painting in the near future, but I am so slow at it. I did a little bit of painting the other night on an archer unit, so hopefully that can help me to get going again. I plan to have the army be Hoeth/Saphery themed, and have an idea for a display board for the army. However, I want to keep that under wraps and not work on it until the army has been painted. Hopefully, there will be plenty of painting updates in the near future.


2 responses to “2013 Plans – 2nd Quarter Progress Check

  1. If you get some free time to put some models on the table and roll some dice, let me know. I haven’t had a game in a while now and I’m eager to play again.

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