Mathhammer Monday – Loremaster

Since I have written a list including the Loremaster, and plan on using him if I go to a 1600 point tournament, I thought that it might be interesting to run some numbers on him.

Just for a quick summary, the Loremaster is a Level 2 Wizard with access to all 8 Signature Spells from the Warhammer rulebook.

I tried various ways to represent the casting for these, but finally settled on breaking it up by the boosted and non-boosted versions of the spells. In looking at the tables below, it seems to be that it’s probably best to steer clear of the boosted versions of many of these spells, for the most part.

Loremaster - Basic

As you can see from the table, the Loremaster has a good chance of casting 6 of his 8 spells using only 2 dice, with 3 dice helping considerably. Successfully casting lots of spells, even at lower values helps to get more through. The lower dice count also has the advantage of having less chance of miscasting.

Now, here are the chances for the boosted versions of the spells:

Loremaster - Boosted

Out of the spells listed, the 2d6 Fireball and Miasma are still viable with only 3 dice. The other boosted versions will be needing 5 or 6 dice to reliably cast them. I can see situations where you might want to risk it, but I would probably tend to play it safe in most circumstances.

One thing that I have not factored in is the Book of Hoeth. The Book can drastically adjust these numbers, but I haven’t messed with the formula for figuring that out yet. The re-roll is fairly easy to figure out at the lower dice counts, but could be a little more tricky with more dice.


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