2500 Point – High Elves Shadow List

Well, here is the first of the lists that I have written up for the new High Elf army book. While I really wanted to use the new High Magic, I feel that it needs a specific list design to work with it.  This list is combat-focused, using Shadow magic. Shadow magic really does seem like the best option for a combat build. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that we end up with Mindrazor anymore, but a level 4 should still get a decent selection of spells. It is kind of a phoenix-themed list.


Archmage, Level 4 (Shadow), Book of Hoeth, Talisman of Preservation

I think that most people know what the level 4 Shadow mages do. He is here to add combat buffs/debuffs and tips the scales in favor of the High Elves. In this build he is not my general, due to the following character.

Anointed of Asuryan, Sword of Strife, Armour of Caledor

I think that most people view him as overpriced. He seems worth a try, to me (and supports my theme). He ends up with a 4+ ward, 2+ armour save, and 5 Strength 4 attacks. The idea is that he goes into the big spear block to give them the 6+ ward, MR(2) and Immune to Psych. This unit is the main target for Mindrazor, kicking out some serious damage if it goes off. I thought about giving him the Ogre Blade instead, but with only 3 attacks, I thought that adding attacks might be a better option than more Strength.


Noble (BSB), Sword of Might, Shield of the Merwyrm, Dragon Armour

The BSB comes in with Strength 5, and a 4+ Parry save. The Dragon Armour gives him the 2+ vs Fire, and a 6+ Ward save. Edit: Removed the magical banner, since I missed the line in the book. I thought that restriction had been lifted. Bumped up the Phoenix Guard with the extra points.


52 Spearmen, Full Command, Standard of Discipline

The unit receives the 6+ ward from the Anointed, and the Standard of Discipline gives the unit Leadership 10. There is the potential for all of the spears to get to attack against an enemy in horde formation. It’s not that impressive at Strength 3, but kind of scary if they are Strength 8, or if the opponent’s Toughness has been lowered by Shadow magic.

11 Archers, Musician

The archers are present, mainly to fill out the Core choices, and provide a little ranged support to hopefully clear out redirectors. I thought that they might be a little more useful and safer than a unit of Reavers.


7 Sword Masters
7 Sword Masters

Maybe these are a poor choice, and should be used to fill out the Phoenix Guard unit some more or build another one. The thought is that they will run 7 wide so that the Sword Masters can get their full attacks, and be used as a flanking unit. They are easy to shoot, though, so maybe they will turn out to be easy points for my opponent.

28 Phoenix Guard, Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame

The Phoenix Guard have the 4+ ward and are Strength 4 with their halberds. They’re missing the higher Strength attacks of the White Lions or Sword Masters, but still receive re-rolls and are harder to kill.


Repeater Bolt Thrower

Repeater Bolt Thrower

Now that the bolt throwers are cheaper, I thought that I might give them a chance. They should be able to put out more damage than the equivalent points spent in archers, and have a longer range.

Great Eagle

Great Eagle

The eagles will be used for redirecting and holding stuff up.

Flamespyre Phoenix

I know that many people love the Frostheart, but for me, Phoenixes are supposed to be fire. Ideally, the phoenix can help to thin out some hordes before they get to my lines, or do some war machine hunting, if he needs to. Sure, they will be shooting at it, but hopefully the ward save can keep it alive.

With the 2 lords, the Lord allowance is maxed out, while the Core is at a bare minimum. Maybe it is a bit character heavy, but I really want to have a Level 4 in most of my lists. Should I replace the Bolt Throwers with something else (maybe Maidens since they have the Flaming Attacks)? What about the Sword Masters, are they just free points for the opponent? Am I relying on magic too much?

Provide comments and suggestions below.


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