A Look at Magic Items (Including Some Fond Farewells)

Well, I finally have my army book. Unfortunately, my local hobby store (independent retailer) was not able to get one of the Limited Edition books for me, but the positive side of that is I have more money to spend on new models.

After going through the book, I thought that it might be a good time to say goodbye to some old friends from the previous book. I know that the new approach for magic items is to reduce the number of magic items per army book, but I was really hoping that since High Elves have Vaul’s Anvil, there might be an exception. So, I will say a fond farewell to the following:

  • Helm of Fortune
  • Vambraces of Defense
  • Guardian Phoenix
  • Sigil of Asuryan
  • Silver Wand
  • Seerstaff of Saphery
  • The Amulet of Light
  • Banner of Sorcery
  • Banner of Ellyrion

These were all items that I liked to take in the previous version, and don’t have readily available replacements. I guess that we should probably look items in the new book

The Blade of Leaping Gold – You probably won’t see this one much. If I was going to spend this kind of points layout for a weapon, it would probably be for +3 Strength instead. It just seems to me that +3 Strength will cause more wounds in the long run.

Star Lance – This might be an option for a mounted character, but since this is only used on the charge, you have to spring for another weapon for when you haven’t charged. Maybe spend an extra 10 points to always have +2 Strength instead (without having to use a Great Weapon and striking in Initiative order)?

The Reaver Bow – This is much cheaper now, and you can actually fit it on a unit champion, which is nice. It seems like it might fit on a Shadow-walker or High Sister, although for the price that you pay, ti might just be best to add more models. A Handmaiden might be a better fit and she can even fit the Potion of Strength for one turn of Strength 8 shots.

Armour of Caledor – This will probably show up in most High Elf lists. It is unfortunate that the old setup of Armour of Caledor + Guardian Phoenix was actually better for the same points cost, but maybe those were undercosted before. Still, it is a solid choice. The advantage to the previous setup is that it only takes up your armour slot.

Shadow Armour – This might find its way into a Shadow Warrior themed force, but otherwise, I doubt that this will be used much. At least the armour save for it is better than last edition

Shield of the Merwyrm – I kind of like this item. It is cheap and the parry can still be used with a magic weapon. I generally find a 6+ ward/parry as worthless, since you can’t really rely on it, but at 4+, it is much better.

Golden Crown of Atrazar – This is a pretty nice item, especially for how cheap it is. I fully expect any character riding a monster to be taking this, and possibly the Charmed Shield for double protection. Unfortunately, the cannons can still take out the mount, but at least the rider has a good chance of surviving.

Moranion’s Wayshard – This will probably be a niche item. Maybe it will show up in a Shadow Warrior themed army. Scouts + Ambushing could be an interesting combo, but probably more of a “just for fun” idea.

Khaine’s Ring of Fury – A nice bound item, and due to the lore attribute, it can add improve your unit’s ward save. Unfortunately, this can no longer be taken by a unit champion and also won’t help out your units engaged in combat (when they will most likely need the ward save), since it’s a magic missile.

Gem of the Sunfire – I haven’t really come up with a way to make this all that useful. It would seem that to get the full effect of this, you need your Dragon Mage to cast Flaming Sword on himself before using it. Kind of expensive for it being that conditional and only 1 turn.

Cloak of Beards – Could be useful if you know that you are playing Dwarfs, I guess. More of a fluff item, it would seem.

Book of Hoeth – Get used to this one. It’s not as overpowered as its old version, but still very effective. I would expect most Archmages and possibly Loremasters to be hauling this around. Re-rolling a die per cast/dispel is pretty good.

Banner of the World Dragon – This is another magic item that will probably be a regular. A 2+ Ward against magic spells/attacks is just too good to pass up, especially since it will fit on the banner bearer of a Special unit. Daemons beware…

There are a couple of items specific to when Alarielle is present in the army, too. The Banner of Avelorn looks good, but the Horn of Isha seems overpriced, to me. 50 points for +1 To Hit for one turn just seems a bit much. Maybe you’re just supposed to have a massive unit of Sisters of Avelorn, and then it might pay off?

Some of the magic items are good, but I am really disappointed that we only ended up with only one Arcane Item. For a race that is historically steeped in magic, it seems a bit odd to me. We’ve lost all ability to add dice to our magic phase, so we are much more dependent upon the Winds of Magic roll. Does this mean that the Dark Elves and Lizardmen need to enjoy their extra dice while they last?

Previously, I had mostly taken items from the High Elf book. I am going to have to become much more familiar with the magic items from the Warhammer rule book now…


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