High Elf White Dwarf & App Store Reveals

White DwarfWell, now that I have had some time to look at what has been released, I thought that I would put another blog post up. I know that this is much later than those on the cutting edge are and others claim to have access to the book or an almost entire High Elf book that was available in the app store, but I do not have access to those and will only relay what I have seen for myself.

I am mainly focusing on the changes that I viewed related to rules and not an exhaustive list of everything.

App Store Reveals

The Apple store has a preview version of the book that contains some of the book pages. Here is what I could glean from what I saw (edit: I previously had a link to a blog with images, but I have removed it because the blog is no longer accessible):

  • All of the Elven models (i.e. not the dragons) mentioned below have lost the Speed of Asuryan, but all have Always Strikes First, Martial Prowess, and Valour of Ages.
  • Princes have +1 BS from last edition
  • Noble statline remains unchanged
  • Mages & Archmages have the same statline, but have gained the Lileath’s Blessing special rule
  • Sun Dragons are -1 Toughness
  • Moon Dragons stats are unchanged
  • Star Dragons are +1 Toughness
  • The Dragons all have a 3+ Scaly Skin now
  • Archer & Spearmen stat lines remain unchanged
  • Lothern Sea Guard are 1 point cheaper and the musician costs 5 more points now
  • Tyrion’s gear remains the same (not sure if the rules have changed) and he is 10 points more now, but he is a Cavalry model now
  • Teclis is 25 points cheaper and carries the same wargear. It does mention that he either knows all High Magic spells or he can choose one spell from each of the 8 Lores of Battle Magic (wow!).
  • Bolt Throwers are 30 points cheaper and can include up to 4 of them
  • Eagles stats remain unchanged, but the big difference here is that the unit size is 1+. Also, the unit can be upgraded to have Swiftsense (10 points per model) and/or Shredding Talons (5 points per model)
  • Flamespyre Phoenix is 225 points and stats are fairly similar to a Griffon. Lots of special rules: Attuned to Magic, Fireborn, Flaming Attacks, Fly, Large Target, Phoenix Reborn, Terror, Wake of Fire
  • Frostheart Phoenix is 240 points. It’s stats are 1 point better than the Flamespyre for most categories. Lots of special rules: Attuned to Magic, Blizzard Aura, Fly, Large Target, Natural Armour (5+) Terror
  • Alith Anar statline remains unchanged
  • Eltharion has +1 BS
  • Loremaster of Hoeth’s stats are pretty similar to a Noble’s, with a lower BS and 1 more wound
  • Statline for the Everqueen is present, but I forgot to note it down

White Dwarf Reveals

White Dwarf has lots of pages covering the new High Elves release (probably about half of it). Quite a bit of it is just pictures and some background information about the new models. It also contains a battle report and some pictures that shed a little more information on some of the rules. Here is what I noticed:

Picture Reveals

I think that I got all of these correct, but some things (particularly the spell cards) were a bit hard to read with the really small text.

  • The High Elves have 2 Signature Spells (noted with *)
  • Lore Attribute – Caster & unit gain +1 to ward save (max 3+). Models without a ward save already, gain a 6+ ward save, which cannot be increased
  • *Drain Magic – 18″ range, 7+ to cast, Remove all spells on target; 14+ affects all units within 18″
  • *Soul Quench – 18″ range, 8+ to cast, 2D6 Strength 4 magic missile; 16+ 4D6 Strength 4
  • 1. Apotheosis – 18″, 5+, Recover wound on model; 14+ Recover D3 wounds and cause Fear
  • 2. Hand of Glory – 18″, 5+, Increase either WS, BS, I, or M by D3; 16+ increases all  four stats
  • White Lions have the same stat line. The noticeable difference is that without Speed of Asuryan, if their axes are still considered Great Weapons, there will not be re-rolls To Hit
  • Lion Chariots stats are the same. They gain Stubborn
  • Dragon Prince stats remain the same
  • Dragon Mage stats remain the same, but the special rules change. They can still only take Fire magic, but the Reckless rule now gives them +2 to cast Fire magic spells (previously provided a free dice per spell cast). Flaming Sword is now the first spell generated by the Dragon Mage (i.e. not optional). Also, the battle report had him wearing dragon armour.
  • Swordmasters stats remain the same. They have a 6+ ward against non-magical, non-template shooting attacks
  • Loremaster of Hoeth is a Lord choice. He is a Level 2 mage that knows all 8 signature spells
  • Anointed of Asuryan is a Lord choice

Battle Report Reveals

  • The following magic items were present in the battle report: Ring of Fury, Gem of Sunfire, Banner of the World Dragon (carried by Sword Masters. It could previously only be carried by a BS due to the points cost)
  • Pheonixes gained a 4+ ward due to a Winds of Magic Roll
  • Flamespyre Phoenix did 6 wounds to a unit of Leadbelchers by flying over it
  • Sun Dragon did 5 wounds with its breath weapon (so maybe it is not Str 2 anymore?)
  • The Dragon Mage was killed by some Gnoblars (so it would seem that his survivability hasn’t changed, but I guess that he at least had a 4+ armour save this time)
  • Flamespyre returned to life on the roll of a 6

My Thoughts

Well, there is kind of a lot of stuff to go over, but I’ll try and pick out my highlights:

  1. It looks like the stat lines have most remained mostly untouched. I don’t think that is necessarily a bad thing, since I haven’t had a problem with them in the past.
  2. The loss of Speed of Asuryan is understandable since there is a common Always Strikes First rule. Assuming that the White Lions and Swordmasters retain great weapons, it will have a massive effect since they will no longer get their re-rerolls. Hopefully, they are a bit cheaper now to compensate for it.
  3. It is nice now that all of the Dragons have a 3+ armour save. It will be interesting to see if the breath weapon has been normalized too, because the Strength2 & 3 breath weapons didn’t do much.
  4. I am a bit disappointed that the Sea Guard are only 1 point cheaper, because I thought they were too expensive before. If archers and spearmen become cheaper, it will be even harder for me to take Sea Guard.
  5. Bolt Throwers being cheaper is really nice. It’s like you buy 2 and get 1 free now. I might try them out again. There could be a decent option to built a High Elf shooting/magic list.
  6. Eagles being available in units is an interesting concept. For the time being, I still see myself just buying single units of them to use as re-directors, but now that Reavers are in Core, I might not need the Eagles for that role as much… I don’t really know for sure what the upgrades do, but if they are like the ones in Storm of Magic, I think they are overpriced.
  7. The phoenix models look amazing, and seem to have some interesting rules. I will definitely be trying one out. It will probably still die to cannon balls, but at least it can do some damage without line of sight, but just flying over stuff.
  8. The Loremaster of Hoeth seems very interesting. A fighting mage seems like a cool idea, and access to the signature spells seems huge. Those are some good spells: Wildform, Miasma, Fireball, Spirit Leech, Iceshard Blizzard, Searing Doom, Burning Gaze, Earth Blood. 3 magic missiles, 2 augments, 2 hexes, and a direct damage. Only being a level 2 might make it harder to cast some of those spells, but he should always have a spell that is worth casting for the situation.

I will definitely have more once I get a hold of my copy of the book.


4 responses to “High Elf White Dwarf & App Store Reveals

  1. Apparently a few blogs (and possibly BoLS) were shut down by Google due to lawsuit threat by GW. They provided pics of the WD before it was officially released.

    • Ouch. I have heard that GW can be pretty cutthroat, even to its fans with things like this. That is a little why I have tried to steer clear from anything that might be exact book stats or direct pictures from the White Dwarf, since it is copyrighted material.

      The sample book available on the iPad seems like maybe I should be able to re-post it since it is free to everybody, but I am still a bit leery about doing so.

  2. They are strict – but they only seem to hammer the large sites with many followers. Speaking of that, I’ve got a small blog that I’ve had for over a year now, but shut it down. I just recently started it back up. I’ll be posting misc stuff about Ogres, WoC’s, and whatever else pops up. Feel free to hop on and comment all you want. http://stuffedinfoam.blogspot.com/

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