More New High Elf Pictures

Some more High Elf pictures have made it to the web.

They can be found here:

My guesses as to what they are:

  • Warrior Mage
  • Flying Chariot
  • Shadow Warriors
  • Everqueen or just a female mage?
  • Maiden Guard
  • Archers with magic bows

I’m ready for the book to be released!


4 responses to “More New High Elf Pictures

  1. Some great looking models. The ability to run a low model count / elite style army should be available now. Archers with magic bows now eh? Makes me shiver to even think about what the future brings for Wood Elves and their magic bows.

    • Yeah, I am really liking most of them, I’m not really sure about the armoured mage. I’m not sure what it is about the model, but I think that his legs just look strange. The magic bow part is my assumption based upon how the models look (and there might have been rumors about that, too). I am interested on whether it will be an upgrade to the archer unit or an entirely separate unit. If it is a new unit, that would be a lot of ranged units available.

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