High Elves on the Horizon?


Over the weekend, I somehow stumbled across the image above (I might have been looking to see if High Elves are confirmed for May or not…). I generally try not to pay attention to rumors and such, since 90% of it seems to be people either just making a wish list or maybe even trying to stir up trouble. I really do like the pictures, though, and a picture does have a bit more weight to it than just text. Supposedly those might be phoenixes and the bottom right is rumored to be a flying chariot. If they are phoenixes, I think that I will somehow be obligated to purchase at least one unit…


6 responses to “High Elves on the Horizon?

  1. The new ‘Phoenix’ models look very good. Are they pushing for the High Elves to be an airborne force at high point games and start moving away from ground pounders? As long as this new chariot isn’t ridiculously overpowered (like the DoC Khorne Cannon) it should be an interesting addition to the game. Although I can imagine the new Phoenix models are going to be pretty hefty when it comes to point cost.

    • Yeah, I would expect the Phoenix models to be a type of monstrous cavalry, and probably around 60+ points per model, but that is pure speculation. The chariot will be interesting since our current chariots are pretty worthless. 🙂

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