Upcoming 1600 Point Tournament

Well, there is a 1600 point tournament coming up in my area and I thought that I might as well dust off the models and give it a go. I’ve seen rumors that there will be a new High Elf book soon (May?), so this might be my last run with the current version of the elves. Since the tournament is only 1600 points, I can’t fit a prince on a dragon into the list, but I kind of wanted to keep with my Caledor theme that I had targeted at the beginning of the year. I have created a less than ideal list (from a competitive perspective), but hopefully it will be a lot of fun to play. Here is what I am planning at the moment.


Archmage, Level 4 (Shadow), Staff of Solidity, The Skeinsliver

I really wanted to put High Magic on this guy (for old time’s sake), but didn’t really feel that it went with the rest of the list. The Shadow magic provides me with better options, and a way to make my spearmen and Dragon Princes (on subsequent rounds) more effective.  The Staff of Solidity lets me ignore my first miscast, for some added protection, and the Skeinsliver gives me +1 to go first, so hopefully I can actually move the next character in the list before he dies.


Dragon Mage, Level 2 (Fire), Silver Wand, Ironcurse Icon

This will be my first time running the Dragon Mage, and he sticks well with my Caledor theme. With a 1600 point list, I can’t fit the 5+ ward on him, so he gets the Ironcurse Icon to give him a small portion of protection. The Silver Wand gives him an extra spell to take advantage of his free dice per casting rule. It’s not really my style to hide units for an entire game, so he will most likely die every game, but hopefully he can cause some damage before that happens. I do have a question about him, but I will save it to the end.


10 Archers, Musician

I originally had the Banner of Sorcery and a magic banner on the spearmen, but took those out to make room for this unit. My archers rarely seem to do anything, but they seemed a better option than the banners. It also gives the Lvl 4 somewhere to hang out, other than with the spearmen.

38 Spearmen, Musician, Standard

Well, this is the main combat block of the army.  They don’t kill much on their own, but are my cheapest option for steadfast, and to fill out the bulk of the core troops. They can be quite scary if I get Mindrazor on them.


5 Dragon Princes, Musician

Well, since I am going with the Caledor theme, I pretty much had to include a unit of these guys. I love the models and they do alright on the charge. I like to include the musician for quick reforms.

5 Dragon Princes, Musician

I opted for a 2nd unit of Dragon Princes instead of bulking out the first one since the rider’s 2nd attack is wasted in the back rank and I can deploy them on separate flanks.


Great Eagle

Great Eagle

As is standard for me, I have included 2 Eagles in my army. They do a great job as redirectors and are really cheap.

Well, there is the army with a grand total of 5 units. I’m sure that no BSB will be a questionable move, but I can’t fit him in with a dragon in this points size. You can provide any comments/suggestions that you like, or just guess how long the Dragon Mage can stay alive.

As mentioned before, I had a question about whether the Dragon Mage can take the Fireball spell. The Warhammer Rulebook allows for wizards to always take the signature spell. However, the Dragon Mage entry states: “When selecting spells prior to the battle, Dragon Mages may choose to swap one of their spells rolled for the Flaming Sword of Rhuin, rather than with Fireball as normal.” So, since he “may” choose to swap, he doesn’t have to, or does the “…rather than with Fireball as normal” rule that out? I didn’t see anything in the official FAQ and the opinion on the internet seems divided (big surprise, I am sure).


4 responses to “Upcoming 1600 Point Tournament

  1. My interpretation of the rule is that you MAY swap a spell for FSoR or Fireball. It does not say anything about ‘in place of’. They would have stated that the Fire Lore signature spell for the Dragon Mage is FSoR and not Fireball. If they were attempting to remove access to the fireball spell, they would have worded it much differently… you would assume, right?

    The spears are going to be a big chunk. Let’s hope panic doesn’t hit them early thanks to an untimely braingobbler. I’ve yet to square up with any Princes. I’m anxious to see how they perform for you.

    I’m still on the fence when it comes to playing this tournament. I’m starting both my armies from scratch again and I’m not confident in any list I create using the figures I currently have access to.

    • Yeah. I’m sure it’s not a huge deal, but Fireball is so nice. The book was written before 8th edition and the Signature spells, so I think that is what causes a bit of the discrepancy.

      You should definitely play. There are some guys that are pretty good in the area, but then there are others, like me that just put together whatever we want to play with and turn up.

  2. Good luck. I only started going to tournament very recently but I’ve had a great experience so far so I hope you get the same. It seems better to play a list that will be fun (i.e. with Dragon Mage in this case) rather than a ‘stronger’ list you might not enjoy.

    Regarding Fireball / Flaming Sword of Rhuin, the latter is a great spell anyway so it might be good to get that anyway. Or is the issue that without the possibility to go to the ‘0’ spell, it is impossible to have Fireball at all? You can just ask the Tournament Organiser if the rules and FAQs are ambiguous; it should be allowed as it is hardly the most abusive thing that can be done in Warhammer.

    • Yeah, I was hoping for Fireball & Flaming Sword, but if I can’t take one or the other, it’s no huge loss. I’ll check with the TO and see what he says. No ruling will prevent me from taking him since I just want to try him out. It should be quite interesting.

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