Mathhammer Monday – Week 6 – Dryads

Note: The original post has been updated, because of an error pointed out in the initial calculations.

Well, after missing a couple of Mondays, I am back with another calculation. I had thought about moving on to cavalry or Monstrous Infantry for March, but I need to update the spreadsheet first. Maybe that will be for April… This week, I decided to represent yet another army book, and went with the Dryads from the Wood Elves.

Dryads - Updated

Dryads – Updated

Worth pointing out is that the Dryads top out at 20 models, so can never take advantage of the horde rule, so that calculation was performed assuming that the Dryads are in a 10×2 formation.

This match-up is fairly similar to the Warriors of Chaos match-up with the Toughness 4 and 5+ Ward Save. However, the Dryads have Initiative 6, cancelling the To Hit re-rolls for every unit except for the Phoenix Guard. The combat is fairly even between the two groups. The Dryads also cause Fear, which only the Phoenix Guard ignore. The other elven units have a pretty good chance to pass the test, with their good Leadership, but a failed test could swing the result quite a bit. In that scenario, the High Elves end up on the losing side of the equation, even in the horde calculations.

Obviously, one of the threats from the Wood Elves is that your unit won’t make it into combat intact, with all of the bow fire that your Toughness 3 troops are likely to suffer.


2 responses to “Mathhammer Monday – Week 6 – Dryads

  1. Question, the calculations above provide for an astonishing number of hits against the Dryads throughout every unit in the High Elf army. Did you take the ASF re-rolls into account when determining this, because Dryads are Initiative 6 and so negate some of the ASF re-rolls in the High Elf army?

    • Hey, thanks for pointing that out. It seems that my re-roll formula was referencing the wrong cell. I have updated the spreadsheet and the post above. Hopefully, the numbers displayed now more closely reflect what they should. Thanks for stopping by!

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