Tears of Isha – Boxed Campaign

Tears of Isha - BookA while back, I got my hands on a couple of the old Warhammer boxed campaign sets. The first one that I wanted to write about is Tears of Isha. The box set it quite old (publication date of 1998). I think that would put it around 6th edition, but I’m not totally sure (that was before my time in Warhammer). It was written so that two players with 3,500 points of High Elves and Dark Elves should be able to play through the campaign.

The box contents are as follows:

1. Campaign book – This tells the story and battles for the campaign, along with sample armies used in the campaign

2. Battle scroll – This contains rules for the special characters in the story, as well as force selection guidelines

3. Punch-out terrain – Various High Elf buildings are provided that you can punch out and fold up

4. Roster sheets – These are to write your army down on

The premise for the campaign is that two brothers have become estranged. The younger brother was chosen as the successor to the estate by their father, and the older brother fled to the Dark Elves, where he was taken in. Now, the older has returned with a Dark Elf army to exact vengeance upon his brother. Each of the brothers holds a sword that contains a Tear of Isha, and whoever holds both tears wins the campaign.

The campaign is split into four different battles. The results of the first three battles affecting the final battle. The overall campaign winner is determined only by the last battle, but winning the earlier battles with give you advantages in the final battle.

The book contains some sample army lists for each battle, but you can’t really use those since new army books have been released, so the points values are drastically different and references are made to obsolete magic items. That’s not really a big problem, though, because you can select your own forces for the battle, with some modified guidelines from the Battle Scroll that is provided. Some of the characters in the campaign carry magical equipment or special rules, but I didn’t see anything that wouldn’t fit into 8th edition easily. There are 3 different point sizes for the battles: 1,250 for the first two (with up to 500 points of reinforcements); 2,000 for the 3rd; and the final battle can be up to 3,500 depending on if you have used reinforcements earlier in the campaign. I’m sure that these could all be changed to just be a standard format if desired.

Overall, I think that it would be a fun campaign to play through, and with only 4 battles, shouldn’t be a huge time commitment. Also, I think that it gives a would-be story campaign creator, a good guideline on how to make a campaign. I think that it would be nice if GW would start releasing things like this in the current edition.


4 responses to “Tears of Isha – Boxed Campaign

    • Yeah… the box is quite old. I was glad to be able to get a hold of one, just to see what it is like. I know that there are at least a couple of players locally that have Dark Elves (or they did at one time). I would love to be able to play through the campaign, but don’t know if I would be able to set this up. I will definitely write about it if I do.

  1. I played this when it came out, my High Elves against my daughter’s Dark Elves. It was great fun for both of us. In the final battle, the two brothers faced off against each other in a duel and landed fatal blows simultaneously. A perfect end to the story, we both thought.

    • That is quite an epic ending, and probably very fitting for the tragedy of the Dark/High Elf battle over the years. It would seem that now the Dark Elves have just been released, the time is right for this campaign to be played once again…

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