Mathhammer Monday – Week 5 – Skavenslaves

It’s Monday again, and this time it is the lowly Skavenslave. This is a match-up that seems to be fun from the High Elf perspective, because the opponent is taking off loads of models. It isn’t as fun when you remember how little these models cost to field…



(A quick note on the chart: I know that slaves running in horde is probably unlikely, but that’s how the spreadsheet is set up already and I am lazy)

In this combat, the elves chew through large chunks of slaves, so it’s a win for the elves, right? Well, if you break down the points value of the models lost, the only match up where the elves come out ahead is with the Spearmen! The low stats of the slaves are just the right fit for the Spearmen to kill and the lower points cost of the Spearmen makes their losses less dear than the elite units. The White Lions get the worst of it, with their high Strength wasted and no ward save like the Phoenix Guard. And all of these calculations don’t even take into account if the slaves break and cause more damage.


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