Mathhammer Monday – Week 4 – Bestigor

Now that February has rolled around, I thought about switching up the match-ups to include non-infantry sized models, but ended up deciding to push that off to another time. For week 4, I decided to have the elves take on the Bestigor from the Beastmen book. Once again, I am going with two results since the Primal Fury makes a significant difference in this match-up. Maybe I just need to update my spreadsheet to accommodate multiple calculations…

Bestigor with Primal Fury

Bestigor with Primal Fury

The first comparison includes the Bestigors succeeded their Primal Fury roll. The fights between the elite elven units come out in favor of the elves due to the higher Strength of the elite units. The spearmen really get the bad end of the deal since they have a harder time getting through the higher Toughness and the Bestigor still receive their full armour save.

Bestigor without Primal Fury

Bestigor without Primal Fury

If the Bestigors happen to fail their Primal Fury, the combat swings much more heavily in the elves’ favor. The loss of the re-rolls significantly reduces the amount of damage that the Bestigors can deal when they are only hitting 1/2 of the time instead of 3/4. I have a feeling, though, that many Beastmen players will do what they can to prevent this from happening, with a BSB and higher Leadership close by.

I didn’t include the results here, but if the Bestifgors happen to pick up Frenzy from the Primal Fury roll, then they actually smash all versions of the elves, with the spearmen really taking a beating.


2 responses to “Mathhammer Monday – Week 4 – Bestigor

  1. A match up close to my heart. This is one where a well placed Wildform on either side can really swing the battle. On the Elves it means even Spearmen are wounding on 4s, which increases their killing power a lot. Going up to toughness 4 has no effect against the great weapons though. As for the Bestigors, getting to toughness 5 really blunts the Elven attack though in this case the extra strength is wasted. Interestingly, the major downside of the Bestigors (having Always Strikes Last) is irrelevant against the High Elves with Always Strikes First.

    • Yeah, those great weapons are really nasty against the elves. Running these scenarios, I am finding that the Spearmen seem to require much magical support to actually be effective at killing. Otherwise, they just turn into fairly expensive wounds lost to delay the enemy advance.

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