Horses for the Dragon Princes

Well, I have managed to get some painting done. It’s not as much as I had hoped for, but there has been a lot of sickness at my house, so that can be my excuse for now. I have been working towards trying to complete my unit of Dragon Princes that I painted the test model for last year. So far, I have completed 4 more of the horses. I still need to paint 5 more horses and 9 more riders to complete the unit…

Hmm, after reviewing the pictures for the post, it looks like I have a little more touch up work to do:)

One thing that I am going to run into is that my other 5 horses aren’t primed yet. I usually spray them outside, but the winter isn’t really the best time for that. How do you guys prime your models with unfavorable weather conditions?


4 responses to “Horses for the Dragon Princes

  1. Hey, those are looking very good! I’m really glad to see you getting some painting done! I think a little ink was on the whole model would help bring out some depth. I use Nuln Oil and Ogryn Flesh. As far as spraying, I never let the weather get me down. i step out onto the front or back porch and spray. Just make sure to shake the can well. Also, I know some people use their garages when it’s really cold outside.

    • Thanks. It has been nice that I have been enjoying painting more this time around. Let’s hope that it sticks! As far as the inks… maybe I don’t know how to use the properly. I tried them (Blue Ink & Black Ink) once on something and wasn’t impressed with the result. I know that other people use them to great effect, so I blame my skills for that.
      So, for the spraying, everything cures properly, even when it is cold? I had heard people say that you need to do it at certain temperatures and even humidity levels or else it might not cure properly. Thanks for the help!

    • Thanks. It is definitely getting easier the more that I paint with it. By the time that I am done, I should have plenty of experience… Of course, I’ll probably have to switch to the new paints part way through, so that might take a little adjusting.

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