Mathhammer Monday – Week 2 – Black Guard

Well, it’s another Monday, so I’m going to put another match-up out here. My original thought was to go for Saurus Warriors, but since their stat line is pretty similar to last week’s warriors, I opted to go for something different.

This week, I chose to pit the High Elves versus an elite of the Dark Elves. I thought that the Black Guard would be a good match up. The results follow.

Black Guard

Black Guard

While most of the average differences between kills is fairly similar to last week’s match-up, the low Toughness & Armour of the elves combined with Speed of Asuryan and Eternal Hatred make for a very bloody fight. The White Lions suffer a bit since their extra Strength is wasted, the Spearmen get a nice boost, and the Sword Masters really shine through. Their Strength 5 and extra attacks rip through the Black Guard’s low Toughness and Armour. I think that this match-up slightly favors the High Elves due to the Always Strike first, but any sustained combat will be costly for both sides.


4 responses to “Mathhammer Monday – Week 2 – Black Guard

  1. Interesting. Elves, of any kinds, are very fragile and while they can put out some damage, I believe that’s where they lose. Any attrition battles are not in their favor. Also, you can add in the Wazowski factor and even with rerolls, he’ll manage to roll badly!

    • Yeah, getting hit back is definitely an issue with such large blocks of troops so the elves can rarely put out enough damage to wipe them out in a round. There is almost always something left to hit back. I guess that’s why magic buffs like Mindrazor and Wildform make such a huge difference for the elves. Maybe Wazowski needs to go for the Flaming Sword to get the auto-wound? 🙂

  2. Blackguard are a funny unit. By traditional thinking, they are a poor anvil unit – having only 5+ armour and T3, as well as being capped at a max of 20 in a unit. It means they cannot withstand a lot of damage and don’t have the body count to absorb the wounds. However, they do count as stubborn and, unlike other Dark Elf units, get to re-roll attacks in each round of combat. some DE players swear by them, I’ve not had great experience or success, but against the right opponent they can help to grind the foe down over a few turns.

    • I totally forgot that the Black Guard unit was capped at 20. Oops. The Stubborn is always interesting on elite Elf units. I remember somebody saying once that it is nice to have, but you really don’t want to be counting on it for units like this, because it’s too costly for these units to not be winning combat. I guess that they could be supported by a Cauldron to make them more survivable/lethal, but that still only does so much. Thanks for the comment!

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