Black Library Advent Calendar Review

I noticed over the holidays that the Black Library had released a series of Advent e-Books. They caught my eye for only $1.25 each, and I figured that price was small enough to pique my curiosity.

I ended up buying the only two books I saw that were High Elf related (based upon the description), and thought that I would post a quick review of them.

It is also probably worth mentioning that this is the first time that I have tried to purchase something on the Black Library site. It didn’t go well for me. The purchase was denied by my bank and I had to go through confirming my card had not been stolen and then have them add an exception to let me make the purchase. But, I will not let that affect my review, since others might not have the same issue.

So, what does $1.25 for a Black Library Advent e-Book get you? In this case, you get almost two pages of text. That being said, these should be very short reviews. 🙂

Voyage of the Sunspear
The book petty much just describes the Elven fleet that is sailing to catch some pirates that had assaulted Ulthuan. It is interesting to see these descriptions, but there are many things that are strange to me.

The first one is why are Shadow Warriors going? I would think that they would be plenty busy in Nagarythe. Also, Dragon Princes without horses? And the last one is one of the boats with some alchemical contraption. This is the first mention that I remember seeing of elves using alchemy on their ships. Always before, they  have relied upon their wizard and bolt throwers.

Never Forgive
In this story, it quickly documents the Shadow Warriors of Alith Anar wiping out a dark elf force that was stranded after The Sundering and a punishment inflicted by the Shadow King on one of the prisoners.

Overall, I would have to say that I was not impressed with the value of the content. I expected short stories with the small price tag, but I was expecting more like 20 pages or so. The Island of Blood book that I purchased was only $5 for 125 pages, which I actually felt was worth it, even though it was less value than the $9 for the 500 pages or so in a typical novel. Personally, I would have to recommed a pass on these.


4 responses to “Black Library Advent Calendar Review

  1. I’ve never read any Black Library books but I’ve heard some good things about them. I may have to check some out. There’s so many, someone has to like them, right???!!

    • Yeah, I have liked all of the full novels that I have read from them so far. I just don’t think that this little Advent series that they came out with is worth the time/money. I know that the 40k ones, in particular the Horus Heresy ones have a massive following, but I pretty much just stick to the High Elf stuff.

  2. So lemme make sure I understand you… it’s $1.25 for 2 pages of reading material? In my opinion, I don’t even have to read the material and I instantly make the assumption that it’s not worth it. Sure, $1.25 is a small price to pay, but only 2 pages?!? I can’t lie, that is truly a letdown…

    I’ve read a few of the Black Library books and have been impressed with them. I like the writing style and the detail some of them go into… I can’t imagine that could really be captured in 2 pages. Thanks for the review, that definitely helps me in a future decision.

    • Yes. Unfortunately, you have understood correctly. I was disappointed with the content since I have enjoyed reading their novels. I will still be purchasing those, but will probably pass on these cheaper offerings.

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