A Game of Thrones – The Board Game – Gaming Session

I recently wrote a review of A Game of Thrones – The Board Game, and I was largely inspired to do it by the fact that I had played it recently. I thought that I would give a quick rundown of the games on here.

I played two games, both of them 3 player games which include the Stark, Lannister, and Baratheon houses. In the 3-player game, almost the entire bottom half of the board is inaccessible (blocked off by neutral armies), since it would be too easy for the Lannisters and Baratheons to win. I played as the Lannisters and two of my fellow workers played as the others. This was the other two players’ first exposure to the game, so I won’t really count the first game since it was more of a learning game.

The 2nd game was much more enjoyable than the 1st, since they had achieved a good understanding of the concepts in the game. However, the Baratheon player had a grudge against the Starks for an attack in the previous game, so he was focused solely on fighting the Starks. The Starks started off by establishing control of the North and eventually pushing south where they ran into the Lannister forces at the Twins. The Baratheon player moved into the eastern part of the main island. The major conflict came around the Twins where I (Lannister) was initially forced to withdraw my forces, but was able to push the Starks back the next turn. At this point, I took control of the western waterways and was able to push into the Stark homeland, taking Winterfell and White Harbor to secure my victory.

In reality, my victory should have been more difficult, but the Baratheon player never attacked me. He really should have attacked when I was close to victory and put some pressure on my southern castles. This was my first time playing the 3 player version of the game, and I think that the Lannisters start in a really good position. There are a lot of fortresses and supply (barrels) that the Lannisters can get access to. The Starks struggle with gathering supply and only have easy access to castles (not fortresses). I think that they need to put pressure on the Lannister player’s fortresses. The Stark player probably should have pushed south harder than he did. Baratheon seems to be fairly safe on their island as long as they keep naval supremacy, but they need to either push harder inland or harder north.

Hopefully, we will get to play again sometime in the near future and they will be willing to switch up the houses.


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