Eagle #2

After a very long painting hiatus, I have painted another eagle. I think that this one turned out better than the last one, but I also spent more time on it. Also, I based this one and the old one. I’m still trying to figure out the colors that I want to use for the bases. I’m not really happy with the Scorched Brown, and I think that I need to mix up some static grass to give it some variety. Any suggestions would be helpful. Hopefully, I can get back to more painting and get my army done after I wrap up a couple of my current distractions.


2 responses to “Eagle #2

    • Thanks. I was going for the phoenix approach and it actually seemed to be easier than painting them just as eagles. I need to get 2 more eagles eventually, but I will probably just paint them as traditional eagles so that I have some ‘normal’ ones.

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