Dragon Prince Test Model

Well, it has finally happened. I painted another model, maintaining my staggering pace of one model per quarter!

This one is the test model for the revised list that I posted earlier this year. One ten man unit of Dragon Princes will be using the previous edition (like the one below) and the other will use the new plastic models. I have debated on whether I should also use the red/white/gold theme on the other unit or swap the red for green to give it variety. I’m not sure yet.

I tried a new way to paint white on this time. The horse’s coat is using Codex Grey->Fortress Grey->Skull White, but all of the other white is Graveyeard Earth->Khomando Khaki->Skull White. I’m not sure if you can tell a different in the picture. Also, this is my first time ever basing a model, which I thought turned out alright.

Let me know what you think.


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