Multiple Wound Models

So, when looking at this new list that I am planning to make, I ran across something I haven’t really had to deal with much before; tracking wounds on multi-wound models.

Previously, I have used a single die placed on the base to keep track of wounds on my eagles or characters. This can be problematic since dice can be knocked about if you are not careful, but usually isn’t that big of a deal since my eagles (and even characters) seem to be completely healthy or die all at once.

Since I will have a character riding a monster in this army, a new problem is introduced that I am going to have to track two sets of wounds on the same base. My thought at this point is to create some sort of removeable markers to track the wounds for the dragon (since he has a big enough base to add this extra feature) and something like Gale Force 9’s wound tokens to track the wounds on the rider.

When using a tracking method like this, another thing to consider is if the number displayed/markers present show the amount of wounds suffered or the amount of wounds left. I am leaning towards tracking the amount of wounds remaining, since I think that is easier for my opponent. If I track the wounds suffered, then my opponent has to know how many wounds my model has to start with to know how many are left.

So, how do you track wounds on your multi-wound models? How do you keep the count separate for characters riding monsters? Do you track wounds remaining or wounds suffered?


6 responses to “Multiple Wound Models

  1. I use different color chips to mark wounds on the creature. i don’t do the count down of wounds and I prefer that my opponents don’t either. Knowing the starting wounds shouldn’t be a problem for your opponents as they can ask your or if playing open lists just consult the list you’ve given them.

    • Any particular reason for not doing the count down? Bad experiences or just a preference? I guess that I will just try and check with my opponent before the game so that we can both be on the same page. Thanks for the response!

      • Just a preference I think. The countdown works best with a die. My preference is to use tokens for wounds over dice (because the die can get moved). The countdown of counters would require you to place the remaining wounds in counters on the board after the first wound. I think it increase the chance of mistakes. The count up of wounds just seems more intuitive for me. Hope that helps

  2. Hey, good article and actually one that hits home to everybody that plays Warhammer, and other tabletop games… In the past, I’ve been using a die to track the number of wounds on my characters and big things, but I’ve recently made some quick markers to track such things… I found these little tokens that are 9 cents a piece at Michael’s… so I bought a ton of them and then created some simple images to indicate wounds, spells, etc… it’s actually pretty handy and makes remembering easy. Definitely much better than a die. Good article again, definitely gets the brain going.

      • They are about the size of a quarter. They had them on clearance when I went there, might be worth looking for them. Made of wood, do wonders for keeping track of wounds and things like that.

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