A Change of Heart

Well, despite my previous post of my intended army list for this year, I have had a change of heart. Rather than going with a list that I felt could be semi-competitive, I have decided to just go with a list based upon models that I like. In stark contrast to my previous list, this list will be drawing largely from the other side of the island of Ulthuan. It will be very light on the magic, including a mage primarily for defensive purposes and including lots of cavalry, and a big beastie…


Prince on Star Dragon, Dragon Armour, Warrior Bane, Charmed Shield, Vambraces of Defense, Potion of Strength

Well, it took me quite a while to settle on what items to equip this guy with. I can’t quite get what I really wanted on to him  in a 2500 game when he is riding the Star Dragon. I deliberated slightly over Moon Dragon or Star Dragon, primarily because the Moon Dragon has Initiative 3 instead of 2 and it was slightly cheaper. In the end, I decided to go with the Star Dragon since everything about it (except for the Initiative) is better. Warrior Bane is really just a cheap way to get a magical weapon, and reducing enemies attacks back when striking first can be an added bonus. He has the potion of Strength for if he needs the extra strength for a round. The Charmed Shield is to hopefully save the Lord from the inevitable cannon ball. The Vambraces of Defense are nice, allowing me to re-roll my 3+ Armour Save and giving me a 4+ Ward Save. I could swap the Warrior Bane for a Lance. The only thing that I would be losing is a magic weapon. That might be the better thing to do since not too many things that I can thing of require magic weapons to wound.


Noble on Barded Steed, Battle Standard, Great Weapon, Dragon Armour, Helm of Fortune, Guardian Phoenix

Hey, a different setup for the BSB! Since he is mounted now, I was able to mix it up and still protect him. The Helm of Fortune give him +1 armour and allows him to re-roll his armour saves, so he has a re-rollable 2+ armour save and a 5+ ward. Not too shabby.

Mage, Level 2 (High), Sigil of Asuryan

His main purpose is going to be magical defense. If I get off the occasional spell that is just a bonus.


15 Archers, Musician, Banner of Eternal Flame

The main purpose for these guys is to hit the enemies with Regen or to help take out small units (Mangler squigs anyone?). The mage will probably hang out with one of the archer groups.

15 Archers, Musician

Same as above without the fire.

35 Spearmen, FC

The block of spearmen are mainly for a big, ranked unit. They are great against light troops, but will need to steer clear of the heavily armoured ones.


10 Dragon Princes, FC, Banner of Ellyrion, Ironcurse Icon

So, here is a big change… Dragon Princes hit hard on the charge, but Steadfast will be my bane. Maybe I can get lucky enough to get the spearmen in on the same block that the Dragon Princes hit. The Banner of Ellyrion lets me ignore Difficult Terrain, which can be huge on a cavalry unit. The Ironcurse Icon can hopefully save at least one of the 30 point models…

10 Dragon Princes, FC, Banner of Ellyrion, Ironcurse Icon

Similar to above, without the cool toys.


“Eagle” (mini-dragons) x 2

I had to include at least a couple of “eagles”. I plan on actually making these tiny dragons instead. I’m not a huge fan of the GW smaller dragons and I’m not really wanting to scour the internet to find some dragon models. Right now the plan is to use cold ones plus some wings, maybe from the 40K Gargoyles. I can probably snatch the bits from somewhere, but even if I have to buy the full set, it won’t cost must more than just buying the eagles. The other alternative is Reaper. They seem to have some dragons that I like.

So, I realize that this is not really an optimized list for 8th edition, but I guess that I’m not really worried about that too much. I guess that it really just came down to the fact that I really like the Imrik model and the Dragon Princes, and need to get them painted.


2 responses to “A Change of Heart

  1. I’m a big believer in playing with a list that you enjoy rather than one which is ‘optimal’. For a start, it’s far more fun, and you’ll learn more about the game if you have to think outside the normal routines rather than relying on some sort of ‘crutch’ rule. I wish you good luck.

    Also, try this battle report for some hilarious Dragon Prince action (though this is not representative of usual Empire armies, of course).

    • I actually did read that one yesterday. Good stuff! 30 Dragon Princes is the stuff of legends.

      It’s probably best for me to just pick a list I like anyway, since I don’t really get to play enough to try and be super-competitive. Now, I really need to get myself to start painting again…

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