Target Army List for 2012

So, here is my tentative list of the next even that I end up going to. Since the High Elves have access to all of the magic lores, I want to be sure to give them all a shot. I decided that I would ditch the Shadow magic with the Archmage and go for Metal this time. I know that a lot of people think that Metal is bad, but I really like some of the variety that it has in it.


Archmage, Level 4 (Metal), Talisman of Preservation, The Amulet of Light, Silver Wand

The Archmage gets the Talisman for the 4+ ward. Also, I gave him the Amulet of Light to give the unit that he is with magical attacks. The Silver Wand gives him an extra spell, which is the closest to Loremaster that I can get, so I am almost guaranteed to get the spells that I want. I am mainly shooting for Glittering Robes for the 5+ Scaly Skin radius to give the special choices a 3+ AS. Final Transmutation will be used for units with too many models in it and Enchanted Blades will be used for the AP on the spears if needed and hitting on 2s is nice also.


Noble, Battle Standard, Great Weapon, Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix

Those that have been following my blog, will notice that this is pretty much my standard setup for my BSB on foot; 3 Strength 6 Attacks, ASF, almost always re-rolling failed To Hit rolls, 2+ Armour Save and a 5+ Ward Save. Maybe I need to branch out with this guy, but this build just seems to be so good.

Mage, Level 2 (High), Sigil of Asuryan, Dragonbane Gem

I decided to include a Level 2 with High Magic this time. The first reason, is that I need a 2nd mage to bring along the Sigil, for that much needed dispel scroll (plus potentially destroying the spell). The second reason is that I really like the fact that this guy can get Drain Magic and Shield of Saphery (5+ ward save). The third spell that he gets is just a bonus. Made him a level 2 so that he can one dice Shied of Saphery, and cast it with a 3+. The Dragonbane Gem is just to use up the last 5 points extra that I had.


32 Spearmen, FC

The block of spearmen are mainly for a big, ranked unit. They are great against light troops, but will need to steer clear of the heavily armoured ones.

32 Spearmen, FC

Same as above.


33 Sword Masters, FC, Banner of Eternal Flame, Ironcurse Icon

The Sword Masters are the main combat force in the list. I plan to keep these guys protected by Glittering Robes and Shield of Saphery. Banner of Eternal Flame for the pesky, regenerating things. (For anybody who saw the list pre-revision, the two units have been merged and they have the Icon to protect against war machines).

25 Phoenix Guard, FC, Banner of Sorcery

After running the Phoenix Guard in the last tournament, I decided to bring them along again. If they are affected by Glittering Robes, they will have a 3+ AS and 4+ Ward Save. Not too bad, for an elf. The Banner of Sorcery is a must have to generate more power dice.


Eagle x 4

And finally the eagles… I am a big fan of the eagles. Without any archers in my list, these guys will have to take one for the team if any Mangler Squigs or similar show up. Otherwise, they can hunt war machines and divert big enemy blocks when needed.

So, this will be my first attempt at a list without any archers or cavalry. I just found that my archers never ended up doing a whole lot. I might miss them if my enemy has some cheap units to divert my main blocks. Hopefully, the Glittering Robes will add some resiliency to shooting (that the High Elves desperately need).

I have thought about switching a unit of Sword Masters to White Lions (same points cost), but am not sure. The 2 attacks each from the Sword Masters is just so good.

Let me know what you think. Unless their are massive doubts about the effectiveness of this list, this will probably be what I will be painting. Thanks for reading!


2 responses to “Target Army List for 2012

  1. In case anybody notices… I originally had two units of 18 Sword Masters and 20 Phoenix Guard. Instead of the two units, I decided that a larger unit would be better and would be easier to protect with any spells.

  2. Nice list! I think it’s the right idea to make a bigger unit of Phoenix Guard. That’s how 8th edition is now… you have to go bigger because of the ranks and the steadfast unit. Also, having everybody attack doesn’t suck, lol!

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