Tournament Results

So, here is a fairly quick rundown with some analysis about my games at the tournament a month ago. I posted the summary on a forum, but realized that I never put it on here. I’ll provide some more personal reflection on the games here…

Game 1: High Elves vs Warriors of Chaos
He didn’t have any wizards, and the Hellcannon was his only shooting. The Hellcannon’s first shot removed both it and my Dragon Princes from the board. The Spearmen and Archmage met the Chosen with the Lord in the middle of the battlefield. The Phoenix Guard and the Sword Masters engaged the horde of Warriors with the BSB. Pretty much the entire game had those two combats going on, with the Spearmen eventually breaking (and getting away from the War Shrine that had joined the party). The Sword Masters and Phoenix Guard wiped out the Warriors, capturing the BSB when they broke. While those combats were going on, the Chaos Knights wiped out my unit of archers. I came out about 150 points ahead. I guess that was considered a win instead of a draw?

What I did poorly:
After his Hellcannon blew up on turn one, I should have sat back and waited since I had magic and ranged attacks that I could have tried to shave some numbers off first. I should have killed the war shrine. Also, I should have bailed the Level 4 out of a unit once the Hellcannon was gone. I was a bit overconfident with Mindrazor and such. Strength doesn’t really matter against Chosen with 3+ Ward saves…

What I did well:
I placed one of my eagles well in the next to last turn, which saved my Phoenix guard from getting hit by the Chosen blender.
Game 2: High Elves vs Empire
Well, to be honest, this was a list I was hoping to avoid. There is just so much shooting in it and things to get in my way. It was my first time playing against Empire, too, so my first time to actually see Steam Tanks in action. I rolled up everything that I hoped for with magic: Miasma, Withering, Pit of Shades, Mindrazor, Fireball, and Flaming Sword. Long story short, on the right flank the Stank and halberdiers took care of my Spearmen & BSB unit. The Phoenix Guard went up the middle and were shot to death. The Sword Masters and Archmage were on the left flank, and in turn 6, I finally got Pit of Shades off on the Stank to take it down. Lots of lessons learned in the battle and the discussion afterwards. Big loss for me.

What I did poorly:
Didn’t get across the board quickly enough, so got shot all game. Personally, I felt the terrain was pretty cruddy for a quick advance and it was easy for him to plug up the gaps where I had to approach. I had very poor placement with an eagle in turn 1, practically giving it away for nothing. I didn’t get rid of the steam tanks quickly enough. I should have just gone all out against it.

What I did well:
This is the best that I have ever rolled for the Banner of Sorcery. I had 12 power dice 2 or 3 times this game. Unfortunately, he was never far behind because of his Rod of Power… I made like 12/14 ward saves with the Phoenix Guard in one shot. Of course, this averaged out with the next roll…
Game 3: High Elves vs High Elves
Pretty different lists here since his list had more shooting than mine and had a Star Dragon. Dragon Princes and Phoenix Guard with the Fire Mage went up the right flank, towards his Sea Guard, throwing fireballs as they went and eventually wiping them out. The Spearmen with the BSB and Archmage and Sword Masters went up the left side of the table and my archers went into a building. His chariots flank charged my Sword Masters. The next turn, the Spearmen charged and wiped them out. The Star Dragon breathed on the block of spears, killing about half of them (around 25!). The Sword Masters were wiped out with shooting, and the spears ended up fighting the Prince on the dragon. I was able to kill the dragon (thank you Mindrazor), but not the prince. His Sword Masters with BSB and Mage assaulted the archers in the bulding for a couple of rounds, and I was able to kill the mage before he wiped out the archers. In the last round, my spearmen and BSB were wiped out by the Prince and archers that had rear charged them. My general got away, but the archers’ pursuit let them end with more models on the hill than me, swinging 1000 points in the last turn. Another big loss.

What I did poorly:
I think that I sent too much strength up the right flank, and they couldn’t make it across to the other side of the table quickly enough. I am pretty sure that if I would have been paying attention, I could have charged the Dragon Princes into the rear of the archers that stole the hill from me, swinging the battle massively in my favor. I’m not really sure how I could have avoided having the Star Dragon breathe on me…

What I did well:
Putting the archers in the building worked out well for me, keeping them from being annihilated by the Sword Masters in one go. Challenging with my spear champion and then BSB to keep my spear elves around for a while.
Overall thoughts:
I had a great time, and it was nice to get to play again after like 6 months. I made lots of mistakes, but I am definitely out of practice. I know that one of my concerns going in was time, and I think that sometimes I didn’t spend enough time planning ahead. I think I was playing too fast, because my games seemed to finish well under time. For my thoughts on my units, this was my first time using eagles and I am a big fan of them. They are so versatile and cheap. I had my doubts about taking Phoenix Guard instead of White Lions, but I am glad that I took them. That 4+ ward save is just amazing. I think that I will probably drop the fire mage, as he never really did much and it seems like he is good at miscasting when going for the big fireball, which is one of the main reasons that I had him.

I’ll have to work on getting the rest of my army painted for the next time I get a chance.


2 responses to “Tournament Results

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’ve found that I learn a lot by writing up battle reports as it focusses my mind on what really happened rather than just the one memorable event. Well done on getting the victory in your first game.

    Regarding the star dragon breathing on the spear-elves, just accept that your friend on the other side of the table is going to get to roll dice and have local successes with their army, just like you intend with your own. I don’t think I’ve played in a game that was so one sided that one army was still intact at the end with the other one mauled.

    I guess the most important part of this was ‘I had a great time’.

    • Yeah, I remember during the games that I thought I played fairly well, but the more I thought about them, the more that I realized how poorly I actually played.

      But, like you pointed out, I had a great time. Always fun to get out and play. Hopefully, I will make a better showing next time!

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