It’s Go Time

Well, it looks like I will get to try out my list after all. I finally have the green light for the tournament next week!

At this point, I see no way for me to finish painting my army, but I will need to pick up the pace a bit. So, I guess that I will talk briefly about my expectations for the tournament. While it would be nice to win all 3 games, I realize that is not very likely, since there are many more experienced (much more) gamers that will be at the tournament, and I haven’t played in a while. That being said, I will be extremely pleased if I win two, and happy if I only pull off one win.

Regardless of how that games go, it will just be nice to get out and play again. It feels like it has been forever.


4 responses to “It’s Go Time

  1. Glad to see you can make it! I say start pulling some late nighters trying to get your army done! Dedication, man! You should have a good time, the guys you’re playing with are all good guys and, while they are there to be competitive, they’ll still help you out. I’m sure you will enjoy yourself. Good luck with it all and I look forward to some write ups here on your blog and the LoS forums!

    • I think my biggest problem is just that I am a pretty slow painter. Maybe I will stay up late this weekend to make some good progress…

      I’ll have to see how the write ups go. I have generally taken notes during the game, but I’ll have to see how I do during a tournament where we have time constraints.

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