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So, there is a local tournament coming up in a couple of weeks that I might end up going to. I have mostly decided upon my list, but thought that I would put it up to get some feedback. For the most part, anything goes at the tournament, including special characters. However, High Elves can’t take Teclis or the Book of Hoeth (I would probably feel dirty taking either of those anyway…). So far, I have mainly used High magic (which I have really liked), but I thought that I would try something different this time. Well, here is what I came up with:


Archmage, Level 4 (Shadow), Talisman of Preservation, The Amulet of Light, Earthing Rod

So, the plan here is to get Mindrazor or at least The Withering and swap one spell for Miasma. The Amulet of Light give his unit magical attacks in case I run into something ethereal. I had the Seerstaff on him (to choose spells), but figured that I should go for the miscast protection since I will be chucking 6 dice at a spell eventually and I don’t want my general disappearing. I was trying to decide between the Earthing Rod and the Staff of Solidity (HE item).  I finally settled on the Earthing Rod because I felt that re-rolling a miscast when I need to (probably 2-4s and 10-12s) is better than ignoring my first miscast (since it might not be all that bad). What do you think?


Noble, Battle Standard, Great Weapon, Armour of Caledor, Guardian Phoenix

Those that have been following my blog, will notice that this is pretty much my standard setup for my BSB on foot; 3 Strength 6 Attacks, ASF, almost always re-rolling failed To Hit rolls, 2+ Armour Save and a 5+ Ward Save.

Mage, Level 2 (Fire), Sigil of Asuryan

Since my list is vulnerable to enemy war machines and shooting, this guy will always swap a spell for Fireball and use that to throw at long distances. The Sigil of Asuryan is the ‘super dispel scroll’, destroying the spell on a 4+.


20 Archers, Musician, Standard

My only ranged unit in the list. Mainly included to help deal with any smaller units or a unit that has been hit with The Withering. I opted to go with one big block of 20 instead of two 10s so that they will be harder to take out by the faster units that tend to get to them. The standard is included since the tournament will have a scenario like Blood & Glory from the main rulebook.

48 Spearmen, FC, Standard of Discipline

One of my main combat blocks. My Archmage (general) will probably go in here, with the standard giving him Leadership 10. Running in horde formation, all 48 models have the possibility to attack if I am charged (front rank + supporting attacks + horde rule + spears + citizen levy).  Ideally, these guys get Mindrazor when in combat, and when re-rolling hits and wounding on 2s, most things will disappear…


28 Sword Masters, FC, Ironcurse Icon, Banner of Eternal Flame

The other main combat unit. I think that most people know what Sword Masters do, even if I don’t get a spell off to aid them. The Ironcurse Icon gives them a 6+ ward against war machines, since I anticipate them being a target.

20 Phoenix Guard, FC, Banner of Sorcery

The Phoenix Guard are mainly included to provide some resiliency with their 4+ Ward. Also, they get the Banner of Sorcery to give me some better magic phases. We’ll see if I remember that they cause fear, since I’m not used to having that rule. I thought about using White Lions instead, but thought I would give the Phoenix Guard a try since they are more resistant to damage.

5 Dragon Princes, Musician

The Dragon Princes provide me a bit of mobility and some good power on the charge. I guess that they can always be Mindrazored on turn 2 if they get stuck in.




And finally the eagles… The eagles will probably play many roles; war machine hunter, redirector, or speed bump, etc.

The army comes to 2,500 exactly. My biggest worries are probably two common problems for High Elves: being out-deployed and coming up against somebody with massed shooting. I’m not sure how to really avoid the deployment issue with High Elves. I could add a couple more eagles, but don’t actually own the models right now.

Let me know any suggestions. Also, let me know if this seems like a jerk list, for any reason (Mindrazor?). I don’t want to be that guy. Bring on the feedback!


4 responses to “Tournament List

  1. Hey, I think you have a solid list here, though it’s quite dependent on the magic phase IMO. That’s ok, though, HE’s are good at it so you should be fine. I don’t think you’re OP opting for LoS, seems to be the standard anymore. I think your big block of spearmen is going to win you a lotta battles, the only thing I worry about is being hit by 2 units at the same time because you’d be in horde formation. Also, the Lord character being in there makes him vulnerable to attacks, which will happen…

    I hope you make it to the tournament, it’d be good for you to see how well this army does in tourney play. Let me know how it turns out for you.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I might have to bail the Lord out of the unit when it comes time for close combat (and if it is safe). Hopefully I don’t get hit by a Plague and see my big units destroyed.

      I am really hoping that I can make it to the tournament. It will be good to get some more games in. If nothing else, this list gives me a goal of what to paint first for when I do get the chance again.

      Eventually, I will need to build a list with a dragon in it, regardless of how it will perform on the tabletop…

      • Yea, I say roll with it then and see how the list works for you. That’s how I learned to get my army better suited for battle. Try a little bit of everything and you’ll learn each units strengths and weaknesses… The Dragon would be a cool centerpiece to the army!

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